And then that was it

Buy D10 Diazepam A lot can happen in seven months; a baby can be roughly 75% cooked, two seasons will pass, holidays, fun days, bad days, mad days.
Seven months ago I started my first full time job since having Toby, and today was my last day there.

17 months of breastfeeding. And now we are finished

Buying Valium It’s been 3 weeks since Martha’s last drowsy 4am feed. 3 weeks since my body last gave her nourishment. Yet after 17 months, my body has adjusted as if nothing had ever happened. I’ve not really felt anything – emotionally or physically – and when I tried to write, it was numb and lacking any feeling. I may as well have been writing about the weather. Then today, the emotions have flooded through me and I need to write.

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