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Dear Toby, now you are 4

Order Roche Valium Online Dear Toby, At 11:58 on July 8th 2014 you came into the world and created a brand new Mummy. Ever since then you have continued to make me a new Mummy every single day; you guide and teach me how to be the best I can for you, and I’m sure I can say the same for Daddy. We both learn so much from you.

Dear Martha, now you are two

Buying Valium In India Happy birthday darling Martha! You are a feisty, funny, brave, beautiful whirlwind of laughter and light who completed our family. Since turning one you have mastered walking and talking, you’ve stopped breastfeeding, you’ve learned how to jump and run and spin and climb, how to recite your favourite songs and stories, how to dribble and kick a ball. Your smile and laughter are infectious – your dimples could get you out of any trouble – you give the tightest cuddles and the sweetest little kisses. You’re so happy, so stubborn, so full of life.

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Grab a cuppa, let’s talk about… not wanting any more babies

You find a boyfriend/girlfriend: “When are you getting married?” You get married: “When are you having a baby?” You have a baby: “When’s the next one coming?” You have a second baby: “Are you having any more?” You say no: “Oooh, never say never!” I said “No”. We are not having any more babies.

Finally, I feel like a mother // Life, Depression, and Me

Generic Valium Online Uk In my heart, I became a mother on November 1st 2013, when the words ‘Pregnant 2-3 weeks’ appeared on the test I took at 5am. In the eyes of the law, I became a mother at 11:58 on July 8th 2014. Yet it is now, a second baby later and in mid-March 2018, that the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together and I truly feel like a proper mummy.