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Is Anyone Still There? 18 months after my goodbye blog post, without a clue what’s happening in the world of ‘Mummy Bloggers’, I find myself drawn to write again, so here I am! I have no idea whether anyone still reads blogs these days, are you all too busy on Instagram and TikTok? I haven’t done one of those TikTok dance videos and I still just post random crap interspersed with soap box moments over on Instagram. But then the very reason I started to blog was to document raising Toby and Martha, it was never to gain thousands of followers or become famous, so not making viral videos and keeping one step ahead of every trend is fine by me. Since childhood I’ve avoided trends and the limelight, why would I be any different as I near my mid-thirties?!

The Words We Leave Behind // No Longer a Blogger

Where Can I Buy Cheap Valium Online When I started Budding Smiles nearly 5 years ago, it was a diary. A diary of pregnancy and love and life and motherhood. I started just at the point when ‘Mummy Bloggers’ were becoming quite a thing, with the number of such blogs shooting through the roof in recent years. Somewhere in the chaos, I lost my way. I lost my purpose and my passion, my reasons for starting a blog.

My Bio Sculpture Gel Assessment Day A couple of days ago I travelled to Norwich, via Peterborough to pick up my hand model – AKA Mum. It was time for my final assessment, to determine whether I would become a fully qualified Bio Sculpture nail technician. 3 training days, lots of practicing, late nights, and an online assessment, all leading to this day.

Freelance Life Made Better // Epson’s Eco Tank Pop-Up

There are a whole load of amazing things about being a freelancer; I do almost every single school and nursery run, I get to take on the projects and work that I feel good about doing, I can work in my own ways (even if they are sometimes chaotic…!), I can change my working hours to suit life – even at the drop of a hat. It can also be a lonely and unpredictable life though, and Epson have come up with a brilliant way to help.
Training to be a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician

Hannah Clarke – Bio Sculpture Nail Technician (In Training)

You may remember that earlier in the year I told you about a wonderful spa day I was treated to in London, and that on the back of absolutely adoring the Bio Sculpture products and what the company stands for, I would be training to become a Bio Sculpture nail technician. This post is a little update about how the training has been, and what happens next.

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