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My Bio Sculpture Gel Assessment Day

Valium Online Canada A couple of days ago I travelled to Norwich, via Peterborough to pick up my hand model – AKA Mum. It was time for my final assessment, to determine whether I would become a fully qualified Bio Sculpture nail technician. 3 training days, lots of practicing, late nights, and an online assessment, all leading to this day.

Training to be a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician

Hannah Clarke – Bio Sculpture Nail Technician (In Training)

Buy Diazepam Cod You may remember that earlier in the year I told you about a wonderful spa day I was treated to in London, and that on the back of absolutely adoring the Bio Sculpture products and what the company stands for, I would be training to become a Bio Sculpture nail technician. This post is a little update about how the training has been, and what happens next.

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How getting outdoors helps me to live with depression

How living the outdoors life helps me live with depression

It’s well documented across my blog and social media that I live with depression and anxiety – it’s something I refuse to hide because not only does it need to be as socially acceptable as any other illness, but I know from many messages I’ve received that I have helped a lot of people. It helps me too, to write. Another huge part of my ‘therapy’ as someone living with depression, is being outdoors.

Why all parents should be pissed off right now

Why all parents should be pissed off right now

Purchase Valium I try to live and let live, but then every so often my choices and my integrity – or those of my loved ones – are called into disrepute either directly or indirectly, and I have no choice but to use my voice, my excellent grasp of grammar, and my redheaded fiery nature, to scream back at the perpetrators.

Discussing mental health issues isn’t socially acceptable

Order Roche Valium Online I recently (half) jokingly responded to a text asking how I was, with the overview “Marriage and parenthood are wonderful but hard, depression is f’ing awful, I like coffee, gin, and Sertraline”. The reply was that I could sell millions of books with that synopsis, and my friend and fellow blogger Amber from Meet the Wildes said that ‘I like coffee, gin, and Sertraline’ would make a great mug.