Buy Cheap Diazepam From India Training to be a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician

Hannah Clarke – Bio Sculpture Nail Technician (In Training)

You may remember that earlier in the year I told you about a wonderful spa day I was treated to in London, and that on the back of absolutely adoring the Bio Sculpture products and what the company stands for, I would be training to become a Bio Sculpture nail technician. This post is a little update about how the training has been, and what happens next.

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How getting outdoors helps me to live with depression

How living the outdoors life helps me live with depression

It’s well documented across my blog and social media that I live with depression and anxiety – it’s something I refuse to hide because not only does it need to be as socially acceptable as any other illness, but I know from many messages I’ve received that I have helped a lot of people. It helps me too, to write. Another huge part of my ‘therapy’ as someone living with depression, is being outdoors.

Dear Toby, now you are 4 Dear Toby, At 11:58 on July 8th 2014 you came into the world and created a brand new Mummy. Ever since then you have continued to make me a new Mummy every single day; you guide and teach me how to be the best I can for you, and I’m sure I can say the same for Daddy. We both learn so much from you.

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A home pitch for our sporty girl!

**This is a collaborative post** Martha is already showing great sporting prowess at only 2; she runs and jumps constantly, can balance well, scoots like a child at least double her age, and can dribble and kick a football like a (semi) pro! Phil and I love this about her, and are keen to give her any opportunities possible for her to progress in any sport she may want to pursue as she grows up.

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