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Exploring Portugal by Car / Best Places to Drive in Portugal

Exploring Portugal by Car // What to See and Do ** This is a collaborative post ** Portugal has been one of my favourite countries since I first visited with my parents and brother in 2004. Since then, I’ve been 3 more times – with my friend Charlotte, my cousin Amy, and Phil, and each time I’ve absolutely loved getting out and about to explore this vibrant country. Driving in Portugal can seem daunting, but if you take it steady and plan your trips, then the rewards are some fascinating and beautiful road trips.

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Have you heard about Peterborough STEMfest?

The world is ever-changing, with advances in every aspect of life taking us to places that past generations may never have dreamed of. The phone I’m typing on, the website I’m publishing to, the medicine which keeps my mental health in check, the cars we drive, the NHS at 70, social media, eco friendly homes, contactless payments – and that’s just off the top of my head!

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Eat, Pray, Love, Live // A blog post about working to live and living to travel
Travelling with Toddlers - Bluestone Wales

Travelling with toddlers – Bluestone Wales

Buy Ardin Diazepam Pre mini humans, Phil and I travelled the world. Between us we’ve covered vast areas of the globe, from east to west, and a love of travelling is something we’re keen to pass down to Toby and Martha. The children have been on a mixture of European and U.K. holidays; mostly with Phil and me but also with my Mum and me when Martha was a teeny 5 months old. This week, Mum and I piled the car full to the brim and headed to Bluestone, in stunning Pembrokeshire, Wales. I’d been invited to spend Monday to Friday there, and with Phil needed at work, Mum valiantly stepped in!
Alton Towers, CBeebies Land Hotel, and Splash Landings, with 2 toddlers!

Alton Towers, CBeebies Land Hotel, and Splash Landings, with 2 toddlers!

Buy Msj Valium Uk Take a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, pack them into the car, drive for a couple of hours, surround them with the characters and themes they know and love from TV, fill them with food, stick them in a room full of fun, take them swimming. Oh, and all on the 3-year-old’s birthday. Best. Weekend. Ever!