I’ve been blogging for 6 months now and although Budding Smiles was created as simply a space on the internet for me to record details of my pregnancy and journey into motherhood, it’s become so much more than that. I love that I have a place to call my own, to write about the ups, downs and middles of life and I’m always so pleasantly surprised when people read my ramblings, more so when they come back to read subsequent posts. Probably the biggest surprise of all has been discovering the joys, friendships and fun of the blogging community.

What I love about my fellow bloggers is the spirit of friendship and support given to one another. Some of the people I’ve met online I hope to meet in person, events such as BritMums Live will help with that. Others, I may never meet in real life but yet a bond is still formed and I have genuine feelings of friendship towards them. Highlighting this friendship between bloggers is the lovely Gemma, who blogs at Lipsticks and Lashes and is also on Twitter. Back in March, Gemma launched Bloggers Snail Mail, a quarterly penpal-esque project pairing bloggers from all over the world who then chat, read one another’s blogs, interact on social media and generally get to know each other over a 4 week period. At the end of the 4 weeks, each blogger sends their new friend a small gift and a postcard to say how amazing they are! I didn’t find out about this until the final day before the deadline to give Gemma your details for the third round of #BloggersSnailMail, so I only just made it on the list and boy am I glad I did! The next day I had an email from Gemma and found out who my new blogger pal was. So without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce you all to:

Kershia from Catwalk Cult! Kershia is 27, lives in New Zealand and blogs about her love of fashion and beauty. When she discovered about some of the awful testing that is conducted on animals for the sake of make up, Kershia decided to ensure that the products she used were 100% cruelty free and so a clearly defined ethos for Catwalk Cult was born. Her blog is really friendly and well-written and her passion for beauty and fashion is evident. From emailing Kershia, I can also confirm that she seems to be a truly lovely person, which is great! We seem to have quite a bit in common actually, we’re only 3 months apart in age, got married within a year of one another, want to visit each other’s countries, reached 1,000 Twitter followers on the same day and her blog turned 1 the day after Toby was born! Everyone should go and show Kershia some love, on her blog, viaTwitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Also pop over and say hi to Gemma, who you can find on Twitter, and keep an eye out for the next round of Snail Mail if you fancy joining in!