I’m actually in shock that we’ve hit November 1st already. The beginning of each new month marks the turning of Martha’s age and at 6 months old she’s a complete and utter joy.

Born 12 days late, our May Day baby was a happy little soul from the very start and half a year down the line that hasn’t changed. She’s ready with a smile for everyone, she wakes up chatting to herself and beams at me when I go to get her out of her bed. She’s finding her voice and boy can she make her feelings known if something isn’t right, but then I think that’s a good trait to have!

As I type this, Martha is in her cot singing away to herself. In a minute she’ll give a little shout to say “Mummy, I’m awake!” and when I walk in her little arms and legs will jump around excitedly before I lift her up for a kiss and cuddle.


Buy Ardin Valium Martha still isn’t back to sleeping through yet and we’ve had some truly dreadful nights with her waking every 30-60 minutes. On the back of one such night I broke down and we decided to move Martha into her own room. She was really getting too big for her SnuzPod, which will now be packed up ready to go to a very special home next year, so we cleared out the (undecorated – bad mama) nursery and in she went. I did cry, I didn’t feel ready for her not to be next to me but actually it was the right move and her nights have been getting steadily better in the past week.

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Valium Visa During the day Martha tends to have three naps; one mid morning one at lunchtime and one mid afternoon. They normally last about half an hour to 1 hour and she’s falling into her own routine nicely.


We’ve slowly introduced food to Martha over the last month or so, with mixed success. She adores baby porridge and will happily demolish 2 bowls a day of that, but other purees resulted in projectile vomit within a few minutes of eating it so we took a couple of weeks off of those. She was also very hesitant to try chewing any finger foods, but in the past week she has happily chomped on some bread, yorkshire pudding, carrot, Organix corn snacks, chicken and apple.

Purchasing Valium Online Martha is still breastfeeding regularly, probably every 3-4 hours day and night (on a good night!). I had never really planned how long I would breastfeed for, but I’d sort of assumed we’d stop around 6 months. Martha is definitely not ready to wean off of the boob any time soon and that’s fine, we’ll just keep going. She has given me a couple of gummy bites which flipping hurt so I won’t lie, I am not looking forward to any teeth cutting!


I had Martha weighed at the GP about a fortnight ago and she was 8.52kg/18lb 12oz and means that she’s still quite near the top of the charts at around the 91st percentile.

Xanax Bars Where To Buy Online Her reflux has seemed worse lately, with some episodes of screaming and back arching which had me in tears as I flashed back to Toby’s reflux days. The GP couldn’t have cared less even though the consultant had explicitly said to increase Martha’s Ranitidine dosage as her weight increases. The doctor did at least weigh her, so I could then calculate the right dosage as the consultant had advised when we last spoke. It does seem to be having a positive effect and although she has the very typical reflux cough overnight, propping up her mattress and keeping her upright after feeds does help too.

Can You Get Prescribed Xanax Online Her general health is great and we certainly don’t have any concerns. Whether we’ll see any teeth soon I don’t know, but they’re definitely on the move because she’s got permanently red cheeks and dribble, including a dribble rash under her chin which I lather coconut oil into several times a day.


http://info.diservices.com/dis-contracted-broker-update-december-2015?_hsenc=p2ANqtz>E4KUNvITtt7ZTxt77W8NtE3Fr1ayxGEQDMzR9Er8OJ1vo0VYRzG4PZFBkCFoQoDPpbY-x After a good few weeks of sitting well with some support, Martha is now able to sit for longer periods unaided, but if something catches her attention then she’ll turn her head and wobble over. We’re definitely not seeing any signs of crawling any time soon, just lots of wriggling around on the spot when she’s lying down.

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http://info.diservices.com/daniel-steenerson Martha’s so aware of her surroundings now and she adores anything that Toby does, as well as not liking being left on her own even for a moment. She’s quite clingy with me, which on the whole I love, but it does make housework and the such a bit tricky sometimes.

What We’re Loving

  • The Baby Show – We had such a lovely time meeting some of our favourite bloggers and brands. We saw the gorgeous Gro Bags designed by Orla Keily (as well as some top secret Gro Company products!), we partied with Stokke to celebrate 10,000,000 Tripp Trapps and we chatted to our gorgeous Apples & Pips brands as well as meeting some new ones whose products I’ll hopefully be selling in the near future.
  • Holidays – I won’t pretend that we had the most relaxing times on our family holiday to Lanzarote or our trip to Spain with my mum, but there were some lovely moments during both.
  • Chewing Things – Anything and everything (except  food!) goes into Martha’s mouth for a good chomp! Favourites include Sophie la Girafe and my gorgeous Mini Martha teething necklace.

Mummy News

Ordered Valium 3 Mg Iv Stat I’m absolutely thrilled with how well my online shop Apples & Pips is going and am so excited to see what the future holds for it. If you’ve not had a peek yet then please do, there are loads of fantastic parent, baby and toddler products available including great Christmas gifts, and 10% of my profits are being donated to MAMA Academy, so it’s basically guilt free buying!

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http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/ubh/index.php My CBT sessions have been going really well and although I still have some down moments or days, I don’t think they’re drastically worse than any parent experiences when they’re super busy and very sleep deprived. My therapist is amazing and has been so supportive. What I really need now is a proper date night with Phil, a spa day with my mum and 8 solid hours of sleep… I wonder which of those will happen first?