Creating a bright and inspiring home office

Creating a Bright and Inspiring Home Office

** This is a collaborative post ** One of the things I’ve found the hardest about working from home, is the struggle to switch off from ‘home’ stuff and focus only on work stuff. For ages I have been wanting to create a bright and inspiring office space in which I can shut myself away from the house ‘stuff’, in order to focus on running my business and blog.

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Long Hauls With The Little Ones: A Survival Guide

If you are taking your little ones on a long haul break, it’s likely that you are currently considering tearing your hair out. After all, kids are notoriously unpredictable and don’t like to spend hours on end in confined spaces such as planes, where they can’t move about much. Then there is all the stress when you get to your destination to deal with including it being too hot or cold, and not finding any grub the kids will actually like. Happily, most long-haul brake problems are surmountable with a little creativity. In fact, you can get some useful advice on just that topic, in my post below.

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date night

Is It Time To Make Some Changes In Your Relationship?

Sometimes we can find that our relationships can take a bit of a beating. It isn’t something we intend to happen, after all, marriage or a commitment of having children together is something that we don’t take lightly. However, the strain of life in general and having children can take its toll on the relationship, which in turn can mean that you start to worry of the cracks are starting to show, and if they are repairable or not. I wanted to share with you some of the changes that you could make to your relationship to help you smooth over the cracks.

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Exploring Portugal by Car / Best Places to Drive in Portugal

Exploring Portugal by Car // What to See and Do

** This is a collaborative post ** Portugal has been one of my favourite countries since I first visited with my parents and brother in 2004. Since then, I’ve been 3 more times – with my friend Charlotte, my cousin Amy, and Phil, and each time I’ve absolutely loved getting out and about to explore this vibrant country. Driving in Portugal can seem daunting, but if you take it steady and plan your trips, then the rewards are some fascinating and beautiful road trips.

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