Holidaying with kids can be a lot of fun if you get it right but if you don’t and they get bored, boy can it be an ordeal. That’s why instead of the usual flop and drop holidays where you do little more than spend time sunning yourselves on the beach, next time you go away with the kids in tow, you might want to think about booking something more adventurous.
If the kids always have something fun to do they aren’t going to get bored, throw a tantrum and embarrass you nearly as often and you’ll get to spend lot s of quality time together as a family sharing new experiences.

Sound good? Check out these adventurous holiday ideas the kids are guaranteed to adore:

Running Around the Rainforest in Borneo


Borneo is such a beautiful place thanks to the lush rainforest that makes up so much of its mass and the beautiful exotic wildlife that make it their home. If your kids love shows like Blue Planet and they’re big animal lovers, you simply cannot go wrong by booking a holiday to the Asian island where you will be able to explore the rainforest, visit Orangutan sanctuaries, help to rescue turtles and even ​have fun learning bushcraft skills​ such as building fires and learning how to live on the land, depending on where your interest lie. Oh, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to be found when you need a break, too.

Messing Around on the River in the Lake District

If you’re looking for something simple and close to home, the Lake District is pretty hard to beat in terms of its beauty and the abundance of family activities on offer. Obviously, the area is full of rivers and lakes, which are perfect for splashing around in and going on fun adventures, but there are also lots of mountains providing numerous hiking opportunities for active families of all abilities to try out. There’s also Go Ape if your family are more the forest type, and countless museums to be found. It’s a fabulous place to have affordable adventures with the kids.

Spend Time Skiing in France


There are few things more attractive to children than snow and the opportunity to play in it. So, if you’re looking for a holiday that will keep the kids entertained and ensure that you have a fantastic time yourself, you should definitely consider booking a chalet at ​Les Bartavelles Meribel​ and doing some skiing in the Alps. The kids will have so much fun learning how to stay upright on the slopes that they’ll never get bored, but they will tire themselves out, which means you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in front of a roaring log fire with a glass of red and a gourmet meal each night. Bliss.

Enjoy the Joy of Disneyworld

It would be hard to write a post about ​holidaying​ with the kids without mentioning ​Disneyworld – that magical place that seemingly no child can resist, so I won’t try. You might not think of Disneyworld as being the most adventurous place, but there are lots of thrilling rollercoasters and other exciting rides to be found when you aren’t chatting to Elsa or having your photo taken with Mickey Mouse, which makes it far more fun than you might think, Sure, it might not be most adults’ first choice of holiday destination, but it’s one of those trips that you’ll love because the children love it so much.

Become a Vampire Slayer In Transylvania


If your kids are into their spooky stuff, then they’re sure to be delighted by a trip to Transylvania​ – the home of that fictional terror Dracula. While you’re there, you can completely immerse yourself in the spookiness that is the world’s most famous vampire and his real-life counterpart Vlad the Impaler. You can even take part in a Transylvanian ceremony known as the killing of the living dead, which is interesting to say the least, before visiting Bran Castle, which is known to the locals as Dracula’s Castle. Probably not one for young kids, but if you have older children, they’ll love it. Just make sure that you pack lots of garlic and remember to wear your crucifix!

Take the kids on any of these holidays and they’ll have a fabulous time, and you know what? So will you! It’s always fun to do something different and learn new things together as a family – these destinations will enable you to do that.

** This is a contributed post **