Adventure travel isn’t for everybody, but for some, it can be a huge life changing thing. You don’t have to be a sea captain or a professional mountaineer to go on adventures. People just like you go on their very own adventures all the time; they snorkel, they climb mountains, they watch the Northern lights, dive into the sea – there’s really no stopping you from going on adventures of your very own, if that’s what you want to do.

Here’s what you need to know about adventure travel before you take the leap:

Insurance Should Be Considered Compulsory

First off: the boring bit. Insurance isn’t the most glamorous part of going on adventures, but it’s certainly important. It’s important for any kind of trip, let alone an adventure travel trip where you could hurt yourself or land in hot water some other way. Don’t just go for the cheapest policy and make sure you look for one that actually suits what you’re doing and will help you if you need it.

You Can Go On Adventures Close To Home, Too

You don’t have to travel for hours on a plane to go on adventures. You can go on adventures close to home! Take a look at Burren Mountain Tours, or other mountain tours in your area. They could be a good way to get you started off before you start traveling further afield. You could even go on hot air balloon rides, skydive, or do another crazy thing to get used to that feeling of adrenaline!


Kids Can Go On Adventures

You might have kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on adventures at all. Kids can do many things with a few basic lessons and some encouragement, and they’ll likely grow into better people because of it! Don’t let having kids stop you from exploring and enjoying life. Hey, some people even take their pets.

Outdoor Activities Can Be Great For Lots of Health Problems

If you have health problems, or simply want to fend them off, outdoor activities are perfect. Getting your kids into these habits is a good idea while they’re young, too.

It’ll Change Your Perspective On Life

Guaranteed you won’t go on an adventure without coming back feeling like a new person. It’ll totally change your perspective on life!

You’ll Increase Your Confidence

As you make bold life choices on your travels, you’ll increase your confidence. You’ll realise you’re capable of so much more than you ever thought possible.

It Teaches Life Lessons Better Than Any School

School is important, and necessary, but adventure travel can teach these life lessons better than any school can. Your kids will learn so much about the world and themselves if you take them with you.

You Get To Know Yourself A Lot Better

How well do you really know yourself? Consistent adventure travel will allow you to get to know yourself inside and out. Knowing how you think and work is key to mastering your life!