I wrote a letter to our unborn daughter a while back, followed by one to my husband Phil. The last letter I wrote to Toby was on the eve of his first birthday, so as we prepare to welcome his little sister into the world, I wanted to write to him again. Here’s my letter to my son.

My darling Toby,

You’re currently sat on my lap, slowly drifting from side to side as the tiredness of waking up before 5am hits you. You’re giggling over the silliness of In The Night Garden and you point out to me the bits that are making you laugh.

You’re 21 months old now, becoming so grown up in so many ways yet still our baby boy, especially when we sneak in to say goodnight and you’re snuggled up in bed with your blanket and teddy.


You amaze Daddy and I every single day with your huge personality, your intelligence and your humour. Who knew that such a young soul could be so funny? Well, I guess every parent of a toddler feels that way but it’s so special to us because you’re our son.



Your first year of life was tough, the first 6 months immensely so. We were so grateful that at no point was your life endangered, yet seeing our precious son screaming with the agony of silent reflux, hour after hour of every day, was torture. There were times we just despaired, wondering whether you would ever feel better, smile frequently and enjoy life.

As the weeks and months rolled on, things became easier and your fantastic personality started to shine. You are truly one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met you know how to throw tantrums that could rival any others, yet beyond that is a mix of wonderfully oxymoronic traits; You are fierce yet gentle, strong and delicate, independent but becoming more snuggly. Your speech is wonderful, your thirst for knowledge a constantly evolving challenge that we love – even if it does mean Daddy’s often taking you for walks at 6am because you’re bored at home!



This coming week is pretty huge because your baby sister is due and we’re moving to our new house. You love babies and I know that with gentle direction from Daddy and I, you’ll make a truly fantastic big brother. I also think you’ll be happy in our new home, where your bedroom can be a sanctuary and you’ll even have your own playroom!


You are developing a vibrant imagination these days, putting random items in boxes and telling me you’re cooking, before serving me up some to try. You natter away constantly, learning new words all the time. You’re a whirlwind of buoyancy and energy, quite literally jumping and bouncing around the house, dancing to any music that’s on and waving your arms around. You antagonise Ivy cat, you throw everything you find down the back of the sofa, you’re starting to enjoy painting and drawing, you’re appetite is brilliant lately and as for sleep… Well that’s a contentious issue but you’re getting there!

Our family is about to change in a huge way but no matter how much time I need to devote to your sister, I want you to always know that I love you. You made me a Mummy, you have taught me far more than I could ever teach you and wherever life takes you I will be by your side for every single step of the journey.

Toby Christopher, you are so loved and so adored.

All my love forever and ever,
Mummy xXx