Dear boobs,

I feel it’s time that we had a little heart to heart. You’ve done a lot for the children – Martha especially – and I don’t feel I’ve given you enough credit for your hard work.

You’ve shown yourselves to be a sensitive pair sometimes, haven’t you? Those early days of breastfeeding with both Toby and Martha were toe curling to say the least and it took a couple of weeks for us to get into the swing of things. But we persevered and now with nearly a year total of feeding the munchkins I’d say you’ve done a damn good job.

Right boob, you’re my more problematic side. Mastitis, blocked ducts, you were even the side that Martha scratched open as a tiny squidge. You don’t always make things easy for me but there’s no denying that you’re full of milk and it’s pure liquid gold.

Then there’s you, left boob, you just get on with things with minimal fuss. You accept that when there’s lop-sidedness you’re the smaller of the two thanks to right’s tendency to block. You don’t cause a scene about it, you just step up and provide the goods as required.

You’ve both had your moments; leaking when I’m wearing pale grey tops, containing too much dairy for Toby to handle (although I accept my role in that unpleasant situation), deep tissue thrush back when Toby was a newborn. It’s okay though, nobody is perfect and the fact is that you’re both great at what you do. Suffice to say that once the babies had vacated my uterus no other part of me could have produced milk for them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. Thank you for reacting well to layer upon layer of Lanolin in the early days, for healing from the scratches and cracks, for continuing to produce your nutritional goodness whatever the weather or the time of day or night. Thank you for being cooperative when I was pumping for Toby and for not causing me too much pain when I stopped breastfeeding him after 4 rough months. Thank you for being everything that Martha needs and helping our beautiful girl to thrive and grow. And grow. And grow. Seriously, she needs to slow down before we hit 12-18 month clothes at 7 months old.

It’s been emotional, testing, difficult and bloody painful at times. It’s also a source of great pride to me that Martha’s doing so well, all thanks to your milk.

So boobs – lopsided, blocked, leaky or sore as you may sometimes be – I appreciate what you do. Keep up the great work!

With love and gratitude,

The human you’re attached to (and the mini human who attaches to you)