Will SPD have an impact on my birth options?

Will SPD Impact On My Birth Options?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself recently because I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and in a substantial amount of pain much of the time. Today I saw my midwife with the main aim of having that question answered. So, will SPD impact on my birth options?

Body Image In Pregnancy And Beyond // When Words Hurt

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with our second baby, I have SPD, I have a 20 month old, I’m a wife, I work… I have a few labels and roles going on right now. This pregnancy has taken much more of a toll of my body than my first one did and as I enter this final few weeks I’ve had cause to think about my body image during pregnancy and how it will be impacted upon long term.

Secret Saviours Review // Anti Stretch Mark and Support Pack

You may have read in some of my recent posts that I’ve been struggling with SPD and lower back pain. My good friend Chelle recommended I try Secret Saviours and they then sent me a message, kindly giving me the chance to try their anti stretch mark pack, which includes a support band, day gel and night cream.

When pregnancy and parenting gets tough, it's okay, you've got this. I'm dealing with a very clingy toddler who doesn't sleep and SPD in pregnancy. I cried in the supermarket. It's all okay!

When Pregnancy and Parenting Gets Tough // SPD, Toddler Tantrums and Sleep Deprivation

Today was my moment of not coping when pregnancy and parenting gets tough and I ended up bursting into tears in the middle of Morrison’s. Not my finest moment. The thing is, I couldn’t be more grateful that I have the blessings of Toby and his unborn sister, I genuinely don’t know how I managed to get so lucky in life. That doesn’t stop it being hard though, and with Toby going through a very clingy phase that involves him screaming blue murder if he not physically attached to me for the majority of his waking hours – not to mention those waking hours coming within what should be sleeping hours – alongside increasingly painful back, hip and pelvic problems, today was my brick wall today.