A Newborn Baby’s First Week // Breastfeeding, Sleep and Poop

A newborn baby’s first week is an absolute whirlwind of discovery, experience and – let’s be honest – winging it. Even as a second time mummy, I feel like a first timer because Martha and Toby couldn’t possibly have been more different thus far. Here’s how we’ve been getting on.

Why Does My Child Reject Me? // The Hurt Feelings Of A Mummy

I’ve had this feeling repeatedly over Toby’s 22 months on this earth and now it’s rearing it’s head again. The feeling of sadness and constantly asking “Why does my child reject me?”. As a loving parent, it hurts and as much as I spend most days trying not to take it personally, all I want to do is spend time with my gorgeous boy and have a deep and meaningful bond with him.