With The Arrogance Of Someone Who Gave Birth at 39+6 Last Time....

“With The Arrogance Of Someone Who Gave Birth A Day Early Last Time…”

In July 2014 I gave birth to Toby at 39 weeks 6 days gestation, without any intervention. Whilst I know that every pregnancy is different – and goodness knows I’ve had that theory proved from day one this time – I felt pretty confident that my body would just do it pretty much the same again when it came to giving birth.

Will SPD have an impact on my birth options?

Will SPD Impact On My Birth Options?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself recently because I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and in a substantial amount of pain much of the time. Today I saw my midwife with the main aim of having that question answered. So, will SPD impact on my birth options?

32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant // Names, Birth Options, Hospital Bags and Sleep Deprivation

Wow, 32 weeks pregnant. That seems huge. I feel huge. It’s all so very, very real and close now! With a mere 8 (to 10) weeks until we meet our daughter, Phil and I have started planning and preparing as much as we can. Oh, and we’re buying a new house so we’re taking guesses as to which happens first – the house move of the baby!

Maternity Care Options // What Choices Do I Have?

Maternity Care Options // What Choices Do I Have?

As I roll rather unceremoniously into my third trimester, my thoughts are turning to my maternity care options and what sort of choices are available. I live in a rural village so my choices for antenatal care are rather limited to the small local midwifery team, or indeed private maternity care and having carried one baby absolutely fine through the local midwives, I continued to see them this time around too.