Due Date

Anxiety About Child Birth And Being Overdue

I’ve been unsure whether to write this or not and indeed whether to use the word ‘anxiety’ because I’m not even sure that’s what I’m feeling! Anxiety about child birth is a really normal thing, but with each day that I’m overdue, I’m finding it harder to shut my brain down and today a lot of thoughts and emotions came spilling out.

40 Weeks Pregnant, Hello Due Date! // It's my due date but I'm not trying too many of the old wives tales to get this baby out! Did any of them work for you?

40 Weeks Pregnant // Hello Due Date!

As of 11:58 yesterday morning, I officially became more pregnant than I ever have been before! Toby arrived at that time the day before his due date, but no amount of bouncing on my birthing ball or dancing around the living room with Toby was going to make his baby sister follow suit! So, at 40 weeks pregnant, how am I feeling about having made it to our due date?