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17 months of breastfeeding. And now we are finished

It’s been 3 weeks since Martha’s last drowsy 4am feed. 3 weeks since my body last gave her nourishment. Yet after 17 months, my body has adjusted as if nothing had ever happened. I’ve not really felt anything – emotionally or physically – and when I tried to write, it was numb and lacking any feeling. I may as well have been writing about the weather. Then today, the emotions have flooded through me and I need to write.


I’m Hosting a Medela Big Breastfeeding Cafe at The Picture Cafe, Grantham

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I’m a year into exclusively breastfeeding Martha. A year and 6 days as I type! Toby was breastfed for 4 months, during which time he also took bottles, before being exclusively bottle fed from 4 months onwards. My two journeys couldn’t be more different from one another and that’s why I immediately said yes when Medela asked me to host a Big Breastfeeding Cafe on May 16th.


Top Tips For Breastfeeding in the Heat

With people jetting off on sunshine holidays the year round and the UK even experiencing some sweltering days during the summer, it’s important for breastfeeding mums to know how best to look after themselves and their baby when the temperature is soaring. I went to Lanzarote and Spain back in October and with most days reaching over 30 degrees, I wanted to make sure Martha and I were both okay. I’ve made this little video in association with Lansinoh to give you my top tips for breastfeeding in the heat. **This post was created as part of my role as a Lansinoh Ambassador. All opinions are my own.**

Summer Fashion Styles For Breastfeeding Mums // I've compliled some of my favourite summer looks, perfect for breastfeeding mums this season

Summer Fashion Styles For Breastfeeding Mums

We have had some absolutely amazing summer days lately and even on the dreary ones, many of us are packing our bags ready for a trip abroad. As this is my second summer spent breastfeeding, I’ve figured out the types of clothes that do or don’t work for me, so here’s my collection of summer fashion styles for breastfeeding mums.

My Top 5 Truths

My Top 5 Truths About Breastfeeding

How you feed your baby can be an incredibly contentious issue and I really wish that wasn’t the case. I like to see the good in the world and I believe that us mums do the best that we can for our children. I breastfed Toby for 4 months and my reasons for stopping at that point are numerous and complex, all covered in my blog posts about silent reflux and raising a high need child. Martha is 2 months old as I write and our breastfeeding journey is going from strength to strength. With two very different experiences of my own, I thought I would share my top five truths about breastfeeding.