The world is ever-changing, with advances in every aspect of life taking us to places that past generations may never have dreamed of. The phone I’m typing on, the website I’m publishing to, the medicine which keeps my mental health in check, the cars we drive, the NHS at 70, social media, eco friendly homes, contactless payments – and that’s just off the top of my head!

If I say STEM, do you know what I’m on about? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths, which Peterborough STEM Festival aims to engage younger generations in, giving them the experiences to nurture their interests and help to create tomorrow’s STEM pioneers. Toby and Martha are very different children, but both are very engaged with their learning and adore experiments and activities that involve logic, investigation, and problem solving in fun and exciting ways, so needless to say that we have had our tickets booked for a while now!

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Here’s what the organisers have to say:

Organisers Digital People would like to welcome the local community to the Peterborough STEM Festival
 2018, to be held at Kingsgate Conference Centre Peterborough on Saturday
 13th October from 9.30am until 4pm.

Free tickets to the event, celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering
 and Maths, are now available to order online at

Following the success of last year, which attracted over 750 visitors, this year looks set to be even bigger with over 2000 tickets already 

Exhibits this year include science experiments, a
 puzzle solving treasure hunt, Virtual Reality experiences, a Force India
 F1 car and simulator, a tech fashion show, slime making, interactive
 displays from main sponsors Anglian Water, the Anglian Water @one
 Alliance and BGL Group, plus much more – making for a hands-on,
 inspirational experience.

2018 is the third year for the STEM Festival, being held at the
 Kingsgate Conference Centre, where STEM celebrities and industry experts 
including BAFTA award winning TV presenter Maddie Moate and author of 
the Horrible Science series Nick Arnold will be in attendance, 
exhibiting live demos and talks.

The festival, which is funded entirely from corporate sponsorship was founded and organised by Digital People in Peterborough
 (DPiP), a non-profit community group, whose mission for Peterborough 
STEM Festival is to engage, inspire, and develop children and adults, 
and work with parents and educators to inspire today’s youth into
 becoming tomorrow’s science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) 

In particular, as an official Ada Lovelace Day event, the festival
 strives to encourage and highlight what’s new, unusual or surprising; to 
inspire by giving participants the opportunity to obtain hands-on
 experience; and to enhance interest by providing examples and 
introductions to role models and encourage children, particularly girls
 and young women to take an interest in STEM subjects.

To find out more about Peterborough STEM Festival:
Visit the website: book free
 tickets and to find out more about the activities planned for the day.”