You may remember that earlier in the year I told you about a wonderful spa day I was treated to in London, and that on the back of absolutely adoring the Bio Sculpture products and what the company stands for, I would be training to become a Bio Sculpture nail technician. This post is a little update about how the training has been, and what happens next.

In May, I nervously drove nearly 100 miles to Norwich for my Bio Sculpture manicure training day. I’ll let you in on a little secret – *whispers* I used to think that a manicure was having a French polish done. I mean it can be, but I am now fully informed and trained to do luxury manicures including a massage, soak, mask, cuticle care, and a nice polish.

I had absolutely no need to have been nervous, because far from a strict mock salon setting full of people who were perfectly groomed and had been doing various beauty treatments for years, it was a lovely meeting room in a boutique hotel with a fun, vibrant Bio Sculpture trainer and a variety of trainees ranging from fellow mums of mini people to a mother and daughter who wanted to bond over a shared experience.

(Not that I have anything against perfectly groomed people, obviously, I was just worried about being really out of place there!)

We all got on well, chatting between the deep concentration of learning a brand new skill and hoping we didn’t cut one another’s cuticles back too far and draw blood. We didn’t – phew. It was a great day and I was tired but excited about this new string to my bow, come the end.

I practiced my manicure skills on my lovely friend Charlotte (check out her tasty, tasty business Just Flapjack), and Phil was also a willing model once he discovered that a hand and arm massage was part of the deal!


Fast forward to the beginning of September, and I was back in Norwich for the first of two gel training days – this was the bit I was looking forward to the most because it’s exciting to be learning how to use these natural, vegan products to create beautiful nails that won’t be damaged by the process.


– Elmien Scholtz, Bio Sculpture Founder

It means a lot to me that not only is everything created in such a moral and eco-conscious way, but that the natural nail is in no way compromised by any one of the products and treatments that we can do as technicians. The gels are only available to Bio Sculpture trained professionals, so clients know that we have been trained to the highest standards and are using nourishing, brilliant products whether it’s a manicure, pedicure, extensions, gel overlays, or removal.


I have explained in the past how highly critical I am of MLM/network marketing companies, and what I love with this is that it’s a genuine career opportunity that gives me my own business and an earning potential that isn’t reliant upon building a ‘team’. I take on as many clients as I want to, working the hours I want to, picking and choosing the colours and services to offer, and I don’t have to hand a percentage of my earnings to anyone just because they were in the biz before me.

If I wanted to, I could apply for a job in a salon, or indeed rent a table or room in a salon, however for now I have decided to work from home because then there are no overheads and I can set my own hours. I’m a reasonable distance from Grantham, Melton Mowbray, Rutland, Bourne, Stamford, and even Peterborough or Nottingham at a push, so I’m hopeful that through my Facebook page and word of mouth, I can build a lovely client base up.

Of course I also have this blog, my shop Apples & Pips, and I am now also doing social media and barista work for a new local coffee shop, so I’m a very busy lady! That’s why this works for me though, because I can offer services on my days off of my other jobs and at evenings and weekends, around family commitments and adventures.

I never thought I’d be someone who ended up doing people’s nails for a living, and I’ve shocked myself by falling in love with Bio Sculpture and the whole process of doing manicures and gel overlays – I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have completed this training, and am now focusing on honing my skills to pass my final assessment in October. Wish me luck!

** Bio Sculpture have provided me with full manicure and gel training in exchange for me documenting my experiences. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. **