Discount Phentermine Online Dear Toby,

At 11:58 on July 8th 2014 you came into the world and created a brand new Mummy. Ever since then you have continued to make me a new Mummy every single day; you guide and teach me how to be the best I can for you, and I’m sure I can say the same for Daddy. We both learn so much from you.

Today you are 4. You are gentle and vibrant and so incredibly clever. You are beautiful and wise and energetic and funny. You truly are a unique soul and we’re so proud of everything about you.

You get annoyed by your little sister – as every big brother should – but you’re so caring and loving towards Martha when she will let you be! You’ll often ask her if she would like a cuddle, or you’ll gently wipe a fleck of dirt from her cheek. You will run up to me, Daddy, Nanny, Grandad, Moma, Grandad, throw your arms around us so hard you nearly knock us over! The most wonderful words to come out of your mouth are “I love you” said with true warmth and affection. And we love you endlessly in return.


I adore your Toby-isms; you say “After today” instead of tomorrow, a cucumber has always been a cume-bumber, backwibs, your best friend is Jo-fist, hippobottomus. You are pedantic like your Mummy and a problem solver like your Daddy. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard “But no Buy Real Phentermine Online Uk  Mummy!” when I’ve tried to correct you about something you’re adamant you’re right about!


You have just 3 more weeks at preschool, then 3 weeks at home with me before you start primary school. It’s a huge time, overwhelming and exciting in equal measures, but Daddy and I are confident that you will thrive at the lovely school you’re going to. Your intelligence, compassion, inquisitive nature, and energy will be nurtured and you will go on to do amazing things, of that I am certain.

You live life to your own beat and that’s something we are so proud of. Don’t ever think that you have to conform just to fit in; be wonderful you and be proud of who you are because you rock. From your heavy metal singing to your love of ‘Toby coffee’, from your archaeological digs for old plates to your brilliant imagination – be everything that your heart and mind wish to be.

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Toby, our firstborn, our precious and beloved son, you are a truly wonderful human and Mummy, Daddy, and Martha along with all of your friends and family, are lucky to have you in our lives.

Happy birthday sweetheart, may your fifth year bring you happiness, fun, excitement, and adventure as you step along this next pathway in life.

We love you so, so much xxxXxxx