Happy birthday darling Martha! You are a feisty, funny, brave, beautiful whirlwind of laughter and light who completed our family.

Since turning one you have mastered walking and talking, you’ve stopped breastfeeding, you’ve learned how to jump and run and spin and climb, how to recite your favourite songs and stories, how to dribble and kick a ball. Your smile and laughter are infectious – your dimples could get you out of any trouble – you give the tightest cuddles and the sweetest little kisses. You’re so happy, so stubborn, so full of life.

Your favourite foods include grapes, strawberries, wraps, broccoli, eggs (only the white!), pasta, ham, cucumber, and anything you can pinch from our plates. You love milk from the bottle as much as you loved it from Mummy for 17 months. 

You hate taking medicine, and getting Calpol down you is like wrestling with an eel. When you had chicken pox you refused any medication, any soothing cream or spray, you just wanted milk and cuddles. When you’re teething you won’t let me put anything on your gums – I do hope that your determination does you well as you grow up.

You’re such a talkative little thing; you mimic everything that is said to you, and often mutter incoherent sounds interspersed with real words. You tell us you love us, that “I want cuddle”, “I want lilk (milk) pwease”, “No Mummy, I sleep there, Mummy Daddy’s bed”, “It Martha’s turn. I want watch Moana/Wall-E/Paw Patrol/Tiger (Aladdin)/Ponies”. You get excited about all animals, telling us what they are and what noise they make. You narrate your favourite books: Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep, Bear Hunt, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You know the words to Miss Polly, Baa Baa, Twinkle Twinkle, Pat-a-Cake, loads of Disney songs.

You’ve been a complete Mummy’s girl from day 1, but you adore your Daddy and your bond with him is going from strength to strength. You cuddle Toby as much as you hit him, you know exactly how to push his buttons and boy do you do so on a regular basis! You’ve almost constantly got a mischievous sparkle in your eye, and just as you drive any one of us to the point of madness, you smile and we melt. You are adored by everyone who has the joy of being in your company.

Martha darling, our little May Day baby, the world truly is a better and brighter place with you in it.

We love you completely and endlessly, love from Mummy, Daddy, and Toby xxxXxxx 

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