A few seconds of your time could catapult my business – will you help me?

As a mum-of-2 I have rather rapidly discovered the products that I do and don’t need in parenthood, the ones that are amazing and the ones that are useless. Thus, Apples & Pips was born.

I hand-pick the best products from small and medium sized UK brands, as well as creating my own ranges of slogan products which are hand designed by my husband, however my shop goes so much further than simply selling nice products.

As someone who had fertility concerns before having children, who has been overwhelmed by parenthood, who has suffered with postnatal depression, who is passionate about helping others, my vision for Apples & Pips is as a shop with a unique spirit and ethos.

From the beginning I have donated 10% of my profits to the charity MAMA Academy, and now with the development of my parent and baby gift sets, I happily donate £1 from the sale of each one to a relevant charity; mental health, fertility, premature baby care, breastfeeding support.

In the summer of 2017 I also started handing out notes and gift vouchers to parents I saw out and about – a little reminder that even when their child is screaming in the supermarket, or they’re too tired to string a sentence together, they’re still superheroes. I’m only one person living in one area, so in January 2018 I rolled the kindness scheme out nationwide by sending bulk packages of notes and vouchers out to mums across the UK who had signed up to help me spread the love and support.

This is Apples & Pips. A shop, a community, a supportive ethos.


I do have a point to this post, I promise! Every year Virgin Business asks businesses to pitch in their VOOM competition to be in with the chance of pitching directly to Richard Branson himself, and of winning a share of £1m in prizes.

As a small start up and a social enterprise at that (working on getting that status confirmed!), money isn’t exactly in abundance. I don’t take a wage from Apples & Pips and whatever money is left after the charity donations and kindness scheme expenses, goes on products. Marketing budget? I wish! Branded packaging? It’s on the long-term goal list. The chance to maybe have even a slight hope of winning this? That’s where I need you…

The first stage of the VOOM competition works entirely on public votes. The 40 entrants with the most votes will go through to the semi finals to pitch to a judging panel, 6 will then have the amazing opportunity to pitch to Richard Branson himself, with 2 winners getting the prize that every one of us is dreaming of.

What can you do?

I swear that voting takes seconds; simply click this link and hit ‘Vote’ on the Apples & Pips page it takes you to. You need to log in/sign up using Facebook or LinkedIn, then you’re done!

I hope that my passion and love for the brand I have created shine through, and that I’ve given you good reason to get behind me and help make my dreams come true – but if you need an extra nudge, then how about this…

You could win £50 of Apples & Pips products of your choice PLUS a £50 donation to the charity of your choice, simply by voting! Pop over to my Facebook post for full details and T&Cs.

A huge thank you in advance, making Apples & Pips a success not only as a shop but also as a social enterprise, means the world to me and anything you can do to help and support that dream would be truly incredible.

VOOM 2018 Pitch // As someone who struggled with fertility before having children, who has been overwhelmed by parenthood, who has suffered with postnatal depression, who is passionate about helping others, Apples & Pips is a shop with a unique spirit and ethos.