A shopping trip and have afternoon tea with my mum – that sounds like a wonderful day to me! Debenhams wanted us to have some treats in advance of Mother’s Day, but my own children decided that now was the time to come down with chicken pox, halting our plans in spectacular fashion! In advance of my long, long period of cabin fever coming to an end, I’ve been scouring the Debenhams Mother’s Day selection to see what takes my fancy from their huge selection of products.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: Photo Frames

We had a family photo shoot a few months ago, but still haven’t framed the prints, so either a collage frame or some individual ones in an array of styles would look amazing as a feature on the wall. I can’t think of a much better gift than displaying beautiful photos of our little family together.

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: Beauty Products

Mum and I both love makeup and beauty, so a nice gift selection will always go down well. Mum uses Clinique, while some L’Occitane en Provence treats stood out to me.

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: Foodie Treats

There are loads of gorgeous hampers and gift sets for all tastes, and I love the look of the prosecco mixers to try with my favourite fizz. Sweets, biscuits, beers, cheeses, nibbles… take your pick!

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: Bags and Purses

Now that I’m needing changing bags less and less, I’d like to refresh my handbag collection a bit (to Phil: I’ll donate some from the huge pile I already have, I promise!)

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: Experiences

Spa days, overnight breaks, dinner cruises, afternoon tea, track days – the choices of gift experience vouchers are so varied that there’s something for every mum’s taste!

Debenhams have kindly sent me a gift voucher for an afternoon tea, which can be used at hundreds of locations across the U.K., so Mum and I can’t wait to enjoy this most British of pastimes when we manage to go out on our shopping day.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts: Homemade Cards

Okay, so obviously my children’s artistic creations aren’t for sale at Debenhams, but a homemade card with their little handprints and illegible scribbles means so much – and I could always put it in one of those gorgeous frames as a keepsake!


Before I go…

Now I know I’m incredibly lucky to have not only my children, but my own Mum around too – this is not the case for everyone. So for those of you whose mums aren’t there for whatever reason, for whom motherhood hasn’t been possible, or whose babies aren’t with them, I just want to end this post by sending you all loads of love.


** Debenhams kindly provided me with a gift voucher and afternoon tea voucher in exchange for this post. All words and opinions are my own. **