When I found out I was pregnant with Toby, I knew that I wouldn’t be going back to my job in special needs eduction. It was an hour from home, the pay wasn’t great, the attitude of the head was that part-time hours or job share were an unequivocal ‘no’ without any discussion. It was entirely family unfriendly.The fact of the matter is that I’m not the only woman to have taken a career change since becoming a mum. I also recently left my full time content manager position in part because of the lack of flexibility it could offer me around the children. I never expected that my blog – a diary of my pregnancy – could turn into anything more than that. I didn’t expect to open my own online shop, and now I have an opportunity to add another string to my bow by training as a Bio Sculpture nail technician.

I was invited by Bio Sculpture to meet with them and some other lovely bloggers, for a day of blissful beauty indulgence. A day at the Mondrian Hotel in London, having a manicure, followed by a chill out in the spa and a massage, then afternoon tea – I know, I lead a tough life at times. It was great to speak to the Bio Sculpture nail technicians about how training has helped them find a great work/life balance. It’s something so many of us strive for, but often find really difficult to actually achieve.

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Being a self employed parent

As a freelance copywriter and a small business owner, I can set my own work and hours, but irregular income can make things tricky and it’s so tempting to end up working late into the night just to meet deadlines. My nail technician Hayley told me how she has regular clients whose nails she does every few weeks in the evenings, once her own children are in bed. Now for me, that probably wouldn’t work, but the joy is that you can choose your hours, or even work in a salon once you’ve qualified, so it’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Obviously like any self employment, the lack of guaranteed income can be an issue, but as Hayley said, once she had a few clients on her books, they kept booking with her for BioSculpture manicures and pedicures, and told their friends too, so she had regular work.

If you read my recent blog about MLM scam jobs, then you’ll know that I am vehemently against these false claims that stay-at-home mums can earn a fortune in cash, cars, holidays – all just for working a few hours a week around your kids! The reality is that any form of self employment is bloody hard work, but it can also be amazing and totally worthwhile.


Why Bio Sculpture?

I’ll be honest, in spite of the company’s 20 years of existence, I’d not heard of Bio Sculpture! The likes of Shellac have stolen the spotlight in recent years, but having learned more about Bio Sculpture it’s a company that I feel would fit with my lifestyle choices. It’s a South African company with the environment as high on founder Elmien Scholtz’s priority list as amazing products are.

The products are 100% vegan, and before any gel or polish is applied, a vitamin oil is put on to the nails. This is to nourish them, and prevents that nasty cracked, damaged look that so often follows the removal of gel polishes or extensions. There are over 150 colours of polish available, with new colours added seasonally, so there’s something for all tastes.


I’ve now had my manicure for over a week and there’s not a single chip or scratch in sight – this is very unusual for me, as the rare manicures I do get generally struggle to last a week. Apparently toes will last so long you could go months in the same colour! A manicure will apparently last a good 3 weeks, and the main reason I would do mine maybe 2 weeks at a time, is because my nails grow quite fas so I get the gaps at the base of the nail.


I’m genuinely impressed with my experience of Bio Sculpture, and I certainly wouldn’t be considering investing the time and effort into training with them if I didn’t truly feel that way. I’m not aiming to be manicurist to the stars any time soon, and I certainly won’t be giving up my blog or shop, but I figure that it’s a great skill for me to have and if I pass then I can take on clients and earn some extra money!

Huge thanks go to the teams at Bio Sculpture, The Mondrian, and Tots100 for such a wonderful day.

** I was treated to a luxurious day of pampering in exchange for my honest opinions. All words and photos are my own **