Ladies, hold up your hand if your pelvic floor isn’t what it used to be, thanks to pregnancy, age, lack of exercise, illness…

*Looks around* Yep, I thought as much – loads of us are in the same boat, aren’t we? Lights by TENA want to help us.

How common is pelvic floor weakness?

More common than hayfever. Yes you read that right, no I’m not making it up.

So if it’s so common, why are we so secretive about it? Little leaks – those oooops moments – aren’t just happening to you; Lights by TENA want all of us to know that, and to stop being ashamed by pelvic floor weakness.

How can I strengthen my pelvic floor?

The answer is so simple, and it’s the way we strengthen any part of our body: exercise.

Remember your midwife telling you to do your pelvic floor exercises? Did you? Probably not, except when you were sat there being told do (we’ve all done it).

The Lights by TENA My Pelvic Floor Fitness app is available for free on iPhone and Android, and is really helpful for reminding you when and how to do your pelvic floor exercises. Along with expert tips for doing them probably, you can track your exercises to make sure you’re doing enough of them each day. I’ve made a little video of the app in action:

I’m scared to do regular exercise

Lights by TENA recently invited myself and a fab group of other bloggers to London for a Boogie Bounce session. A load of mums bouncing on small trampolines, while doing aerobics moves – what good go wrong ‘down there’?!

IMG_7231 IMG_7230

It was loads of fun and I was gutted to find that there’s not a class near me (Shock horror. Countryside woes!) but I think we were pretty unanimous that there’s a big confidence boost when you do exercise in the knowledge that a thin and discreet Lights by TENA liner has your back. Metaphorically speaking.


I ran my first half marathon last year, and want to run more this year. I do have a weak pelvic floor, but I’ve not let that stop me and I’ve actually been using Lights by TENA long before working with them to tell you about the myPFF app!


*Lights by TENA invited me to the event free of charge to find out about the myPFF app, all words and opinions are my own*