People aged 30-odd and upwards rejoiced as Netflix added the entire Friends back catalogue to their platform recently. Within a nano second though, the backlash and fury rampaged across the internet. You mean that a show which was first aired in 1994 wasn’t written for the attitudes of a society quarter of a century into the future?! Shocking.

It’s almost as if the show was representative of its time.

“But what about the one with Chandler’s transgender parent being mislabelled?”

Guess what? There wasn’t the same level of understanding or acceptance back then. Even now, it’s an often misunderstood subject – within the LGBT community itself I’ve seen contrasting opinions about how different terms and pronouns should be used!

“Then there’s the one with Monica being fat shamed”

Yep. So obviously that’s not cool. Never has been. But it’s a comedy, comedy pokes fun at life and all of the different types of people living it. I’m ginger, I know these things.

“But the one where everyone is white though”

Cultural diversity wasn’t its strong point. Cultural diversity also wasn’t a strong point in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in which, if memory serves me right, an entire episode was devoted to the whole extended family being disgusted that a family member was dating a white man.


What about…

  • The one with the same sex wedding?
  • The one with the women with awesome careers?
  • The one with open discussion about infertility?

What about the fact that for a generation of people, Friends was a friend. It held our hands through life, love, jobs, ups, downs, in betweens.

Yes, a lot of stuff from the show wouldn’t be written today, but it wasn’t written today and so we can’t judge it by today’s standards and attitudes.

I’ve got an idea!

Enjoy it for the fun show it was then, and be thankful that attitudes are shifting in a positive direction.

Look beyond the topics that wouldn’t pass modern standards of acceptability and enjoy the friendship, the fun, the fact that it’s just a bunch of mates taking on life together, working their way through all the crap that everyone at times has to wade through.

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**I am in the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive complimentary Netflix access, but was not asked to write this post; every word and opinion is my own**