A lot can happen in seven months; a baby can be roughly 75% cooked, two seasons will pass, holidays, fun days, bad days, mad days.

Where To Buy Phentermine In Memphis Tn Seven months ago I started my first full time job since having Toby, and today was my last day there.

Working parent life

When I started my job it seemed to tick all the boxes where career path and money were concerned, and living in a village the idea of a 35 mile commute each way, 5 days a week, seemed par for the course really. The trouble is, that when real life is factored in, things can get a bit more tricky.

I was out of the house for 10.5-11 hours a day, depending on the traffic; sometimes even then I would struggle to drop the children off at nursery and get to the office on time. I’ve never felt guilty about Toby and Martha going to nursery, but the balance was completely out. Toby is a very emotional child and the get up, get out, do a long day at nursery, get home, eat, bed routine doesn’t allow for much support and conversation at a time when he’s transitioning from toddler to pre-schooler, and soon to school child.

They will still go to nursery, but the hours will be shorter and I will be more available.

What now?

I will focus a lot on my blog and shop, freelance copywriting, getting fit again, keeping my mental health in a good place, and being around more for my family.

Each Sunday I will set out some goals for the coming week for both work and life, then on Mondays at 10am I will do a Facebook Live to talk through them, and invite people to share their goals. I will be time blocking my diary better, have daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists, and generally be (hopefully) as efficient as possible in keeping up with the house, my work, and my health.

The future

Who knows? All I’m thinking about now is making sure that I love what I’m doing and that the family is looked after in a way I’ve struggled to before.

If a job comes along which offers flexible working arrangements then I will absolutely consider it, because I’ve loved being part of a team and having colleagues to chat with each day – I will miss that.

Have you made big life changes for the sake of your well being and your family? Will you be joining me on Facebook to discuss your goals? Let me know!