It barely feels like three weeks since Martha turned 1 – never mind three whole months (and a week)! She’s changing so rapidly, her personality becoming more complete and her entire being, more developed and whole.


Martha’s sleep is still fairly consistent: bed at around 7:15pm, awake at somewhere between 4 and 5am (I’m trying to cut this final night feed, but it’s proving tricky and I’m picking my battles thanks to teething!) then up for the day around 6-6:30. Could be better, was far worse!

She still has two naps a day, of about 45 minutes each. It’s all fairly straightforward and certainly very manageable at the moment.



Yes, I’m *still* breastfeeding! Post to come on that!

This wasn’t really the plan, because I didn’t actually have a plan. Good thing really! During the week Martha has 2-3 feeds a day and at the weekends there’s another one thrown in. I feel fairly ready to stop since she began saying “Mummy, this! Booby!”, but I’m equally really rather relaxed about it all, so we’ll see.

Our little girl would also eat food all flipping day given half a chance. If she’s grumpy, it’s because she’s hangry, so give that girl some toast or fruit and she’s golden! Her appetite is astounding, but she’s also racing around like a loon every waking moment, so it’s not really very surprising.


Martha is a fairly slight toddler, in complete contrast to the fabulous little chunk of a baby that she was! Her weight is currently 9.1kg, which is exactly what she weighed last month too. As I said above, she eats loads and is always on the move, so unless she starts to seem weak or lethargic then I’m not in the slightest bit concerned.

It suddenly occurred to me last week that she hadn’t had her 1 year immunisations – apparently our current GP surgery/health visitor don’t bother with reminders, so the onus is on the parents. Fair enough in some respects, but I can’t flipping remember when every set of jabs is needed, never mind with a full time work, having two mini humans, a blog, a shop, another’s blog, life… Anyway, she’s having them a week on Monday.

Martha has 4 top teeth and two bottom ones, with another few coming through as I type. Bizarrely, the third and fourth teeth you’d expect at the bottom – next to the vey middle ones – are still nowhere to be seen! It’s the big first molars that we can spot poking through. Has anyone else experienced this? She’s going to have a huge gap where the canines and incisors should be!


Always my favourite section!

Martha’s speech is coming on beautifully, and she’s started to put two words together on occasion (“Mummy, booby”, for example!”) as well as more complex “There it is!” type early sentences. She understands so much too, so is able to follow instructions and look for some familiar items when asked.

This girl knows her own mind and will reply with either yes or no to options/questions. She’s incredibly stubborn too, and if you dare do something she doesn’t like then she’ll curl her hands into a fist, scream right at you, fall dramatically to the floor, lay face-down, and refuse any interaction. I won’t lie, it’s hilarious!

She adores singing and dancing, and knows the tunes and movements to loads of nursery rhymes now. Touchy feely books are also a big hit and anything sensory really; she’s a very tactile little munchkin.

Martha took her first steps about 6 weeks ago and now runs like a little mad head! She thinks it’s hilarious to play chase and is always trying to keep up with Toby.




Things We Love

  • Walking and running everywhere
  • Eating everything
  • Family days out and bike rides
  • Gorgeous new Lamb & Bear designs (headband twinning anyone?!)
  • Having a holiday to look forward to! We’ve just booked a midweek break at Center Parcs for November, so the countdown is on!

Mummy News

I’ve been feeling a bit exhausted, stressed about Toby’s preschool and finding a school, I’ve got ulcers and eye sties aplenty. But overall I’m great! I love my job, I’m enjoying finally getting some exercise thanks to running and bike rides, I’m eating a bit better and am generally feeling happy.
My Royal Parks Half Marathon is only 9 weeks away, and I’ve got a £300 fundraising target. If you’d like to help me support the amazing work of MAMA Academy, then you can donate through my fundraising page.