You may have read my post last week about the wonderful week we spent atBluestone Wales, if not then have a read because I think everyone should go there! We were there at the same time as my wonderful friend Aby from You Baby Me Mummy so it seemed silly not to make the most of the opportunity and spend a couple of hours having a good catch up in the comfort of a spa – Well, you just have to!

The Well Spa is situated at the entrance to The Village, which is the hub of Bluestone for shops, eateries and the children’s playground so it’s really easy to find and even if you’re staying at the other side of the resort, you can either hire a buggy or just catch the free shuttle bus which will drop you off right outside. As you can see in the main picture, the building is bright yellow so you can’t miss it, although when we first arrived I mistook the sign for that of Pizza Express and was excited, then disappointed, then excited again because in my world spa trumps pizza! Aby and I went for a two hour Celtic Spa Experience which gave us time to wander around trying out the thermal rooms and the outdoor pool/jacuzzi area.

We checked in and were given our towel, robes and some flip flops, which I thought was great because sometimes you pay for those extras so that was already a big tick for the Well Spa in my book. We headed through the bright and funky reception area into the equally bright and funky changing rooms where there were plenty of spacious lockers (Take a £1 or locker token) and changing cubicles. Robed up and ready to go our first stop was in the salt room, which is normal room temperature to prepare the body for the other rooms. Apparently the salt is good for skin and respiratory problems but all I know for sure is that Aby and I had a really good long chat lazing on the seats in there! Still chatting (are you noticing a theme?) we then had a dip in the hydrotherapy pool outside. I absolutely love being in warm pools or hot tubs in colder weather and could probably have stayed there all day. It wasn’t as hot as your typical jacuzzi, but then you’ve got the thermal and herbal rooms if you want heat.

Speaking of… We had a good amount of time in the hot brick sauna which is always a favourite of mine when I do a spa day. I love that it’s hot enough to make me sweat out a bunch of nasty toxins, but not suffocating on my lungs. We then tried the herbal and marine steam rooms but both Aby and I have a history of asthma and these ones were too humid for us so we didn’t stay for long. We both had a cooling rain shower after the thermal rooms which is apparently the right thing to do and did make us feel good after the intense heat.

There’s also a cafe at the Well Spa, called Caffi Môr which we didn’t try but is included when you book the pamper experiences and breaks (I wish!)

If you’re heading to Bluestone I would definitely recommend a trip to the Well Spa because even us busy Mums and Dads deserve a little “me time’ every so often and this is a perfect option. Pre-Toby/bump I was a regular at various spa hotels and day spas so I’ve rather missed them over the last 16 months (not that I’m counting) and was really happy to have a couple of hours relaxing and catching up with my good friend.