Apart from my unhealthy love of coffee, the only thing I tend to really drink is water. I don’t have squash – we don’t even keep it on the house – and I’m happy with my plain water but sometimes it’s nice to jazz it up a little bit and Flo Drinks recently sent me some of their naturally flavoured waters to try.

Water with the essence of various refreshing flavours, Flo Drinks are a much healthier way to enjoy flavoured water than many options on the market, which are packed full of sugars or sweeteners. With these, you’re getting pure mineral water with drops of completely natural flavours added to it and they’re absolutely delicious. The flavours that are currently available are:

  • Blueberry Vanilla
  • Cucumber Lemon
  • Watermelon Garden Mint
  • Lychee Hibiscus

I genuinely really liked all of them, but I’d say the Watermelon Garden Mint and Lychee Hibiscus were probably my favourites. The Cucumber Lemon was so refreshing and makes an amazing summer cooler or post workout thirst quencher and the Blueberry Vanilla was really delicate on the vanilla, which was lovely as I’d not been able to imagine liking vanilla flavoured water but it was lovely.

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I think that we as a nation are so used to sugary drinks now, that truly natural flavours seem a little weak at first and it actually took a couple of sips for me to really appreciate how good they tasted – doesn’t that say a lot considering I don’t even drink squash and the such? They really do taste so lovely and balanced though, and it’s very obvious that they’re completely natural rather than being full of artificial rubbish, or indeed natural flavours but then ‘enhanced’ with loads of sweeteners.

Flo Drinks founder Ali Lazem left his career as a solicitor and doctor in law to create the company, with a desire to create:

“…a water that I enjoy drinking, even if I’m not thirsty. A water that I don’t have to remind myself to drink, because I crave it. A water bursting with delicious real flavours, yet it’s still water and not a soft drink in disguise.”

With eco conscious packaging and 10% of their profits going to clean water and clean planet projects, you’ll be drinking a water that’s good for yourself and the world as a whole. I like having water with fresh fruit infused in it during the summer and these are a really lovely extension of that, using delicious fruit and flower combinations that I wouldn’t have thought to use myself. If you’re after a healthy, refreshing and really delicious drink that will help to boost your water intake then you really can’t go wrong with Flo Drinks and I’m excited to see what sorts of flavours they may bring out in the future.