When Martha was born, we decided to buy a double pushchair because Toby still so frequently needed to rest his legs and Martha wasn’t getting on too well with babywearing. Our side-by-side double is great, but with Martha too big for the carrycot and seeming too small for the forward facing seat, we were left struggling a bit. Along came the BuggyBoard Maxi Plus with a solution!

We had been debating about buying a BuggyBoard but felt that Toby would struggle with standing when he’s getting really tired. How wonderful to then discover the BuggyBoard Maxi Plus, which is the large size board with a little stool added to it which can be easily detached. Toby was so excited when he saw his new seat and it was a huge relief to reduce the battles we’d been having over him not wanting to walk but also refusing to go in the pushchair. Carrying a 2 year old whilst pushing a pushchair and trying to navigate the narrow countryside paths of our local area is no mean feat! It’s either that or he climbs into the basket…

With regular walks around town and two holidays, the BuggyBoard has been put through its paces on pavements, cobbles, in an airport and even sand so we’re making sure that we can give a full review about how we get on with it. I’ve made a short video clip to show how we’ve been getting on:

The BuggyBoard Maxi Plus was simple to fit to our Stokke Scoot using the attachments that come with it. It’s virtually universal so will fit pretty much all pushchairs and as soon as I try it on any others I’ll update this to let you know what else we’ve used it with.

Retailing at Cheeky Rascals from £99, the BuggyBoard Maxi Plus isn’t cheap, but for the stress it’s removed from walks, or indeed doing everything possible to avoid going out with both children on my own, it’s so worth it. It was also a much better (in our opinion) option to take on holiday than our big double pushchair

It’s quite a tricky time when you have a toddler who doesn’t want to go in a pushchair but still gets tired quickly and this really goes such a long way to solving the problem. Obviously when Toby needs a nap he still has to be ‘encouraged’ (read ‘wrestled’) into the pushchair and I carry Martha, but on the whole he loves having ‘Mine’s BuggyBoard’ as he calls it and we’ve found it to be a brilliant product to keep in the car boot ready to use whenever we need it.