To our darling Toby,

Happy birthday sweetheart! Wow, two years have flown by and in the blink of an eye you are all toddler, no more the baby that turned one a year ago.

This past year has been amazing, I’ve never been more proud to be your mummy. You didn’t have the easiest first year of life but you’ve made up for it in your second and Daddy and I couldn’t possibly be more in love with you.


Funny even before you could speak

It’s been a year of amazing development for you; this time last year your only real word was ‘duck’ but you could sign really well. Now, you don’t stop talking and singing! You’re so funny with it, too. I’ve captured some of my favourite Toby-isms in blog posts over the last few months but the list is endless. From singing Wind The Bobbin Up to your latest favourite of Happy Birthday, you find it hilarious to sing some parts really quietly, then shout the rest at the top of your voice with a huge grin on your face.

Your smile lights up a room and once upon a time I wouldn’t have thought that such an incredibly vibrant and happy little man existed inside of you. How wrong was I?! You sure know how to throw one hell of a tantrum but more often than those are the funny cheeky or simply adorable moments.


A year to the minute after your birth

This has been the year that saw you become a big brother at the tender age of 21 months. You’re amazing to Martha – or Marcia as you say it – you sing to her, cuddle and kiss her, try to make her happy when she cries and are more tender towards her than I’ve ever seen you before. She adores you in return and Daddy and I know that you will always look out for your little sister.


Absolutely beautiful xXx


Cuddles with Martha


Such an amazing big brother

You took your first steps at 14 months old, two wobbly ones in Charlotte’s garden in a beautiful sunny afternoon. Those first delicate steps have grown into full on walking and running, you’re always on the move and I’ve had more than one comment about how quick and steady you are for your age. You love to jump too, getting a good few centimetres of air beneath your feet as you lift off of the ground shouting “Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!”


Flying high, as you always will

You make daddy and I laugh every single day. I want to always remember how cheeky you are when daddy takes you to bed and I say “Night night Toby, I love you” and you reply “I love you….. Marcia!”, with a finger pointing firmly at your sister in my arms, a twinkle on your eye and a giggle escaping your lips. It makes me laugh every time! You also call yourself Boby, even though you’re perfectly capable of saying a ‘T’ sound. I’m going to miss it when you do start saying your name correctly.

You describe excitement as “Tickle tummy” and you’re starting to figure out what happy, sad, funny, silly, naughty and scared mean and feel like. Your empathy has come along in leaps since Martha’s birth and with it, a developing sense of independence and confidence which means that you don’t show jealousy when I’m feeding or holding Martha. You seem to know though, that I still need you and you’ve become more affectionate towards me in your own little ways.


Showing me where you smile is


Simply beautiful

You’re strong and feisty but also delicate and emotional. Your reaction to anything you don’t like is to cry and if you’re really unhappy about something then you will throw yourself dramatically to the ground with your head to the floor. You’ve learned from past experience though and very rarely do you actually hit your head these days because you know it hurts. You can throw an epic tantrum and there have been times we’ve been beside ourselves with them, but generally a wander around outside with Daddy calms you down and you’ll come back in giggling about whatever you’ve seen.

You love animals, tractors, dinosaurs and Peppa Pig. Your favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and lately you’ll pick a different character each night to be in place of the caterpillar, so it could be The Very Hungry Peppa Pig or The Very Hungry Mummy and Daddy. Your imagination is incredible and you are starting to create games and stories as well as being funny with what you say.


You love tractors


George Pig is one of your favourites

You’re a feisty, complex, clever, beautiful, delicate, strong enigma of a child. You certainly keep everyone on their toes but in return everyone you meet falls in love with you.

Nobody, though, could love you like Mummy, Daddy and Martha do. You are our favourite boy in the entire world and we love you so, so much darling Toby.


Having fun as a family

Happy second birthday to our amazing son and brother, we love you.

Love from Mummy, Daddy and Martha xxxXxxx