Martha has fitted so well into our family and at two months old, she is absolutely thriving. We’re all completely in love with her and it’s like she has always been here.


I’m still exclusively breastfeeding Martha and it’s going really, really well. After initial struggles, breastfeeding is now a really natural thing for us which makes me so happy. I have used my Lansinoh electric pump to express a few ounces and Phil gave Martha her first bottle last week. She took to it really well, drinking about an ounce and a half without any fuss, although she did seem to find the bottle teat a little too long at times.



This girl loves her sleep! Most nights she sleeps from approximately 21:30-04:00, then has a feed and possibly another one around 6am, before sleeping until around 08:30. Last night Martha slept through from 21:30-06:45, had a feed then went back down until 8am and as I type, its 09:15 and she’s back asleep again in her bouncy chair!

Naps are just as and when during the day, I really don’t feel the need for a daytime routine when the nights are going so well. I’ll revisit that idea when sleep regressions kick in…


We get smiles All. The. Time! They’re beautiful, huge beaming grins from the moment Martha wakes up and they brighten up the room. Yes, I’m gushing and you know what? I don’t care! She’s just the happiest little thing and even colicky evenings are punctuated with smiles. Martha is now making some giggling noises too which are completely adorable and she chats to us loads.

She’s very strong and pushes herself up when she’s lying down or sitting on our laps as well as having really good head control. The doctors and health visitors we’ve seen for various checks have all been really happy with how she’s getting on.



There are definitely no major issues there. At 8 weeks, Martha was weighed by our (lovely) new Health Visitor and she was 5.85kg/12lb 14oz!!! Seriously, she is piling the weight on, which makes me so proud! She’s growing out of her 0-3 month clothes quicker than I can cope with so I can feel a shopping trip coming on in the next few weeks.

Demonstrating her good head control

Demonstrating her good head control

Martha had her first jabs this week and my heart broke seeing her first ever real tears, but between the screams she still managed to smile and lots of feeds and snuggles meant that she seemed to get over the whole ordeal fine. We didn’t see any issues resulting from the immunisations, which was good because I’d been warned that the new Meningitis B jab often causes fever. The nurse told me to give Martha some Calpol immediately after the jabs, then two more doses at 4-6 hour intervals so maybe that helped.

Martha does have colicky evenings where she’s crying quite persistently for a couple of hours. It’s not too bad though and I’m using some homeopathic remedies that Chelle kindly gave me, which seem to take the edge off at least. She does seem to struggle a bit with trapped wind, but I’m also doing baby massage to try and help things along. Poo is always a big topic amongst parents and Martha isn’t doing as many as she was, which I think is causing a bit of discomfort, but she is doing a big one every 1 to 2 days.



What We’re Loving


  • Loads of cuddles with amazing blog friends at #BML16
  • A day out in London with our friends Robyn and Tilly for lunch and a baby massage class – more on that soon!
  • Martha loves time with her Daddy before bed
  • Wearing beautiful clothes
  • Using our slings and wraps more for some lovely babywearing snuggles


Mummy News

I’m finding that having two under two (I can only say that for one more week!) is much easier than I had feared it would be! It is a juggling act, but we get out every day and when I don’t have Toby, Martha and I get things done in the house and go for walks or see friends.

I’m not stressing too much about weight loss, I’d sooner get myself into shape health and fitness wise, so I’ve bought a couple of new pieces of clothing to fit my new shape and I’m eating a balanced diet. I’m walking loads and once I’ve managed to expressed a bit more milk, I’m hoping to go out for some runs a couple of times a week.


How did you get into a routine for expressing milk whilst breastfeeding? How did your siblings develop a nice bond? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.