When I fell pregnant with Martha, I had a list of products that I hadn’t known about when Toby arrived, but that I was absolutely desperate to have this time around. One of those products was a SnüzPod, because having been up and down day and night with Toby, I could really see the benefit of having baby co-sleeping safely in a crib next to me. Plus, they look amazing! I was thrilled to be invited to become a SnüzMama and now that we’ve been using the SnüzPod for 8 weeks, I wanted to tell you all about it.

“Sleeping like a baby”. That phrase sucks, doesn’t it? Because it’s not said with the meaning that you’ve been up every hour crying, eating, pooping or puking (or all of the above), it’s said with the meaning that you’re sleeping really well. Clearly someone without kids penned the phrase.

Sleep – or lack thereof – is possible the biggest topic of conversation between new parents and it’s certainly something that everyone and their brother wants to know if you’re getting any of. After our sleep issues with Toby I was fully, if a little reluctantly, prepared to be up at least every hour of the night for at least 6 months to feed and settle Martha.

Just before Martha was born, we found out that we definitely wouldn’t be moving house before she arrived so Phil put the SnüzPod together and attached it to our bed. He was really pleased with the sturdy feel of the parts and said that he felt happy that it was well built and safe for our baby girl to sleep in. It took Phil somewhere around an hour to put together, but the instructions were pretty comprehensive and the final product looked just as nice as in the photos.

We opted for the Dove Grey colour, but Snüz have just released three more colours and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Almost gorgeous enough for me to want another baby just so I can buy one in Putty, Sherbet or Blush. Almost…

Martha and I spent her first night at the midwife unit, but from her second night onwards she has always slept in the SnüzPod. We have her PurFlo Breathable Nest in there too, because she seems to like being cocooned but doesn’t like being swaddled, the little fuss pot! What I adore about the SnüzPod is how functional it is, having been designed entirely with baby and parents in mind. Yes it’s stylish, but it’s so practical because with complete ease you can have it as a co-sleeper, a stand alone crib or even a bassinet to have downstairs for daytime naps. The bassinet is heavy though, so you have to be very careful lifting it and I wouldn’t recommend doing so when recovering from the birth, especially if you’ve had a section.

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Snüz very kindly sent us their brand new bedding range – the Designz Collection – in the gorgeous Cloud Nine print. We have a mattress protector, two fitted sheets and a reversible blanket, as well as a handy pocket which attaches to the end of the SnüzPod to give you easy storage for nappies, wipes, muslins and all those nighttime essentials.

Overall, Martha is a very good sleeper and most nights I’m only up once or twice between 10pm and 6am to feed her. She seems so comfortable at night and I love the closeness and the ease of having her right next to me. In the early days when I was still sore from giving birth, it made such a different being able to scoop her up for feeds instead if having to get out of bed and reach into the crib.

Martha is quite a big baby for her age, sitting on the 75th percentile at 8 weeks old, but she has plenty of space in the SnüzPod and I am going to be trying her in there without the nest soon because she has been napping out and about in her pram so I think she’s feeling secure enough in the big wide world not to necessarily need that extra cocoon feeling.

If you’re expecting a baby and like the idea of co-sleeping but want to be as safe as possible, then I would highly recommend you invest in a SnüzPod. It’s safe, secure, really well designed and built, and it does look lovely.

Did/do you co-sleep with your baby? Which colour SnüzPod if your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

** I was sent the above products in exchange for my honest review. All words and opinions are my own**