Finally! Finally Toby is a big brother, after our almost-guaranteed-to-be-an-April-baby daughter arrived on May 1st! Martha’s birth has obviously played a huge part in how May has been for us all, and some of this month’s Toby-isms are about his interactions with his new baby sister.

    • Mar-ya
      – Toby’s cute way of saying his sister’s name never fails to make me smile!
    • “Mummy/Daddy/Marya poo”
      – Last week Phil asked Toby who had done a smelly poo and Toby proceeded to smell all of us, blaming each of us in turn! *Spoiler Alert* It was Toby who’d done the poo.
    • Counting
      – Toddlers amaze on a daily basis, don’t they? After weeks of Toby either not getting it, or refusing to, I gave up focusing on teaching him to count and moved on to colours. Thenlast week nursery expressed joy at how good Toby’s counting had become and to my utter amazement, he proceeded to count perfectly to 11!
    • Colours
      – Within about a week of focused learning, Toby started to correctly identify red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, white, black and sometimes purple. Yep, proud mama alert withhis learning progress this month!
    • “Ol Mac-lolal”
      – Toby’s loving to sing at the moment and one of his favourites is Old Mcdonald, only he had us in hysterics by singing the first bit nicely, then when it came to the animal noise, Toby was coming up to our ears and doing a really loud squawk before falling about laughing at his own hilarity! So obviously that made us laugh! You can also hear him singing happy birthday to George Pig as we walked home from a birthday party, in the video below.
    • “Love you… Baby!”
      – Toby’s been saying ‘love you’ to us at bedtime for a little while, but again he had us laughing when I told him I loved him one evening and he replied “Love you” then paused, grinned with a glint in his eye, pointed to Martha and finished the sentence with “Baby!”. So obviously that’s now a standing joke for him whenever it comes to saying goodnight to me!
    • “Bye larlin”
      – In a similar vain to the I love you fun, when Toby left with my mum last week I said bye darling to him and he replied “Bye larlin” before walking off giggling.
    • His Memory
      – It’s phenomenal! Yesterday, Toby told me what he’d eaten 6 hours previously and what he’d seen at a local event. He told me “Boy, water, head” because at the event they had the stocks where you could throw a wet sponge at people. He can also recall things from months ago, such as an animal he’s seen or a new word that we’ve maybe said once.
    • The Voov
      – Toby’s had a thing about hand dryers for absolutely months now and calls them voovs. It’s a love/hate relationship and he’s always wanted us to put them on, but wouldn’t go anywhere near the air himself. In the last couple of weeks he’s conquered that fear and is now very happy to put his hands under the voov! Also, pretty much anything that’s hanging witha gap beneath it becomes a voov, from shelves to the overhanging wood on our bed frame and my parents’ freestanding speakers.
    • Interacting With Martha
      – It can be a little fraught with danger for poor Martha when Toby becomes excited and ends up headbutting her in an overzealous attempt at a kiss, but he really does seem to likehis baby sister. When she sneezes and hiccups he thinks it’s hilarious, he wants to do the moves to his favourite songs with her, he kisses Martha and if I dare go downstairs in the morning without her I’m greeted with “Baby? Where are you?”. Martha smiles at him too, so it’s amazing watching how a sibling bond starts to develop pretty much from day one.



    Toby's just been to his twin friends' 3rd birthday party and sang Happy Birthday the whole way home!

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