I’m really excited to be working with PurFlo this year and trying out some of their incredible products. We’re already fans of the brand, having used their SleepSac with Toby, and with safe sleep being a huge priority for all parents, we were thrilled to receive their Breathable Nest for Martha to try out.

The PurFlo Breathable Nest is a snug and safe nap time nest for babies to use from birth, making them feel comfortable as they get used to the outside world and giving parents the security of knowing that their precious baby is safe.

It’s a really versatile product because it’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you might want to use it for nap time and it’s also great as a cot insert, a play cushion, for tummy time and basically anything else for which your baby won’t be in your arms! The breathable bumper and mesh base are the key details because obviously we’re all aware of the dangers of cot death/SIDS and any products that can make sleep as safe as possible have got to be a winner.

Martha has been quite an attached baby from birth and prefers to be close to me as opposed to anywhere else. She’s starting to get a bit better at being slightly further away from me but whilst she won’t settle for long in her cot, she will generally spend the first part of the night fast asleep in the Breathable Nest before waking for a feed and then wanting to sleep with me; This gives me around 3 hours of sleep, which is roughly 2 hours 45 minutes more than I ever used to get with Toby! I love that Martha feels so contented with me, but I also like having somewhere safe for her to go where she seems happy and I can grab a bit of sleep myself.


A little snooze, cosy in her PurFlo Breathable Nest

The Breathable Nest is neutral in design and the cover is removable, so you can purchase a spare meaning that you can still use the Nest when you need to wash the cover. The cover is machine washable at 40 degrees so you can pop it in with your regular wash.

So far, Martha isn’t showing signs of having eczema, but with Toby’s history of intolerances and eczema we are prepared for another sensitive child. Another thing I adore about PurFlo products is that they are suitable for babies and children who suffer with allergies. The Breathable Nest is hypoallergenic, as explained on the PurFlo website:

The Amicor Pure filling in the bumper is naturally breathable, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial; therefore reducing the exposure to house dust mites and other nasties that are known to aggravate childhood ailments such as Asthma or Eczema

Even if Martha doesn’t have any allergies or ailments, it’s just good to know that things like dust mites won’t be an issue whilst she’s using this and other PurFlo products.


Snug as a bug in the PurFlo Breathable Nest

The PurFlo Breathable Nest retails at £49.99 and spare covers are available at an RRP of £19.99. When you consider its use as a cot insert, travel cot, nap time nest, play cushion, chill out cushion and anything else you might use it for, that’s exceptional value for money versus buying all of those things separately. To be honest, for the sake of Martha sleeping comfortably and safely, it’s worth every penny even if it never left the cot.

Has your newborn enjoyed the comfort of the PurFlo Breathable Nest? What helped your little ones to sleep well at night? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.