Ah, pregnancy. This complete miracle, the creation of new life, the joy of knowing that your child is growing within you. Then comes  the due date and with its passing, every moment that you’re overdue feels like it takes the same amount of time as the whole pregnancy did up to that point! So, what to do when you’re overdue.

Throughout my whole pregnancy I’ve had the attitude that baby girl is due in April, a nice and non specific timeline so that I didn’t get too hung up on my due date. To be honest it’s worked okay because as Toby’s due date loomed I felt frustrated, impatient, envious of pregnant friends having their babies first; it can make you a little crazy! Toby actually turned up the day before his due date so that was baby girl’s benchmark but she wasn’t playing ball.

As April 19th came and went without so much as a twinge of a contraction, I felt somewhat disappointed but not disproportionately so. I didn’t regret refusing a sweep and I carried on with mine and Toby’s usual Tuesday routine of playgroup, music, lunch and a long walk. Okay so the long walk may have had more of a motive that just seeing the horses and ducks in the village, but I wasn’t expecting anything to happen anyway.

What To Do When You're Overdue // The little hand of the boy who's going to be a big brother... At some point!

The little hand of the boy who’s going to be a big brother… At some point!

At 40+1 I went the whole morning barely feeling any movements from baby, so off to hospital we went, where she duly went so completely mad once being monitored that we were almost kept in because her activity and heart rate were too high! Her heart was beating at up to 190 beats a minute and with the ‘normal’ top end being 160 bpm, the midwife wanted a second opinion from a doctor, who felt that it was okay and sent us home.

On the monitor in hospital at 40+1, thankfully baby and I were fine

What To Do When You’re Overdue // On the monitor in hospital at 40+1, thankfully baby and I were fine

At 04:35 on 40+2 I started having contractions – woo! An hour later and they had completely stopped – boo!

I’ve spent a lot of time walking, bouncing on my ball, eating curry, practically drinking a de-stress roll on which contains clary sage and dancing with Toby, but to be honest my top tip for what to do when you’re overdue is just carry on with life!

What To Do When You're Overdue // My 'I don't eat hot curries and this is why' face!

My ‘I don’t eat hot curries and this is why’ face!

What To Do When You're Overdue // Chilling with my gorgeous boy after some long walks!

Chilling with my gorgeous boy after some long walks!

I can sit around feeling fed up – which I do every so often – or I can get out of the house, meet up with people, eat, rest when I can and blog more than I have done in, well, ever! I’m now on 40+4 and have kind of resigned myself to the fact that whilst I desperately don’t want to be induced, environmental factors such as Toby’s poor sleep pattern may mean that my body just doesn’t feel ready and may need a helping hand.

I’m trying hard not to be frustrated every time someone says “Why aren’t you in labour yet?” – As if I have any say in it! I love my friends for checking I’m doing okay, but it’s comments that make out I’m somehow in the wrong for going overdue that annoy me. I know it’s not meant badly and I know I’m being over sensitive, but trust me when I say that when a woman is this pregnant and this desperate to meet her baby, she’s hormonal and doesn’t need to be told to hurry up and have the baby!

Did you go overdue? How did you spend your time to make it pass? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.