As of 11:58 yesterday morning, I officially became more pregnant than I ever have been before! Toby arrived at that time the day before his due date, but no amount of bouncing on my birthing ball or dancing around the living room with Toby was going to make his baby sister follow suit! So, at 40 weeks pregnant, how am I feeling about having made it to our due date?

Well of course it’s important to remember that due dates are estimated, they’re not an exact science. Throughout this pregnancy I’ve mostly kept to the tagline that “She’s due in April” and I’m trying to remind myself of this! I have said from early on that I was pretty sure baby would be late, if only because of how different this pregnancy has been from Toby’s. Unlike the first time around, this pregnancy has brought with it daily bouts of vomiting for 16 weeks, migraines until 20 weeks, then a brief respite before SPD kicked in with a vengeance and at times rendered me unable to walk. I knew that the labour and birth wouldn’t be the same, although I’ll let you know for sure when it happens. Getting to 40 weeks pregnant is a fantastic thing, so I’m certainly not going to start complaining (too much!).

Any Signs Of Labour?

I’ve had sporadic mildly painful tightenings for a few days, but they never turn into anything more than that and I instinctively knew when they were the real things with Tobes so I’m just trusting myself to know again this time. I’ve been exceptionally tired, but then that’s more down to Toby deciding that 4:30-5am is a reasonable time to get up for the day. I’ve not lost my plug yet either, although I didn’t until I was in labour with Toby. Likewise with my waters, they went of their own accord about 3 hours before Toby arrived. Labouring in the midwife unit, hanging from a rope!

How Am I Trying To Get Labour Started?

As I mentioned last week, I’ve refused a sweep this week so I’m not seeing the midwife now until 41 weeks (if I get that far), at which point we’ll discuss an induction. I don’t want one and fully plan on refusing it, but I may opt for a sweep next week if nothing’s happening because I can’t be doing with hour-long round trips to the hospital daily to monitor baby girl if I don’t have an induction or go into labour naturally. I think those journeys would be more stressful than just having an induction but hopefully if I am still desperately bouncing on my birthing ball by next week, a sweep will help things along.

Yesterday morning Toby wanted me to jump and dance with him, so I did to the best of my abilities and am keeping as active as I can whilst being very grateful that my SPD has eased enough for me to be able to at least get out of bed and out of the front door. I did resist buying  all the pineapples and curry when I did a food shop yesterday! I’ve not been drinking raspberry leaf tea, bathing in clary sage, driving over speed bumps unless I have to or any other old wives tales that are meant to get things started. They may or may not work but I can barely get in and out of the bath as it is, I prefer a decaf mocha to raspberry leaf and driving over speed bumps is really uncomfortable so I’ll give them a miss!

How Am I Feeling At 40 Weeks Pregnant?

I’m a bit grumpy at times, but I’m positive that my body knows what to do so I’m trying to get on with life and wait for things to get going when baby and my body are ready. Phil is doing everything he can to ease my load, such as doing the housework and taking the lion’s share of responsibility for Toby when we’re all at home so I’m eternally grateful for that, and my mum is ready to come and help me if I need it, or indeed to take Toby when I do go into labour.

Overall I’m okay. Yes, I’m impatient and I’m ready to meet our daughter, but I’m also loving every wriggle because I know that I’m never going to be pregnant again and I don’t want to miss these last hours/days/weeks of having a bump.

That’s about it really, so until either I go into labour or I get to next week’s midwife appointment, this is as much as there is to say about bump! It feels a bit odd to be going overdue after not doing so last time but it’s very exciting to know that she will be here soon.

Did you get to your due date? How did you feel about going over, or did baby become one of the 5% to arrive on their due date? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.