Welcome to day 14 of this year’s A to Z Challenge! I wrote about why I chose ‘Self Care’ as my theme for the challenge and I’m really enjoying writing about it during April. Today’s letter is ‘N’ so my self care word is ‘Nourishment’.

In yesterday’s post I wrote about ‘Meals’ and why they are important to self care. Nourishment is a big part of that so I won’t rehash the food element of it, but what about nourishment for the soul?

Music is a huge passion of mine – not playing, I’m absolutely tone deaf – but I’m an avid music fan and love all sorts of genres. From seeing the Foo Fighters nearly a year ago to enjoying Carfest South with my family when Toby was 13 months old and more gigs over the years than I can count, live music makes me feel so, well, alive! I also always have music on in the car and Toby is starting to enjoy a good rock out in the mornings when we’re getting ready for the day.

Running is also fantastic nourishment for me. I’ve not been physically able to run since the early days of this pregnancy and before then I would often find myself wondering if I could be bothered and sometimes I’d find an excuse not to go for a run. My first ever 10km race gave me fantastic motivation and the thrill of finishing that as well as the freedom of my practice runs always made me feel so good.

A To Z Challenge // Self Care - Embracing the great outdoors to nourish the soul

Ultimately, the thing that has nourished my soul is love. Yeah, soppy, whatever, but it’s true! In the dark days my family has always been there for me and since meeting Phil, his love has transformed my life. The love I have for my family, friends, husband and children gives me so much nourishment and joy.

Our favourite family shot // 34 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Photo Shoot

Whatever it is that makes you feel good, it will nourish your soul and is vital to your self care. What gives you the nourishment you need in life? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.