Between the usual pregnancy strains and SPD, sleeping can definitely be considered more wishful thinking than night time reality. My hips, pelvis and back really hurt overnight and the increasing weight of my bump needs support; let’s not even talk about turning over! Dreamgenii kindly offered to send me one of their highly acclaimed pregnancy pillows and I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks now.

Previously, I’d been using one of those giant pillows that needs a double bed to itself and that just wasn’t practical, so I ditched it and started rolling up our summer duvet to pad around myself. This would unravel as I moved about during the night so wasn’t a great solution either and ad my SPD worsened during the middle of my third trimester I was sleeping less and less.

When the Dreamgenii arrived I was pleased that it was a manageable size and one thing that drew me to it in the first place was that it’s design gives you the support of a standard pregnancy pillow the you place between your legs, but then it’s also got a nifty back and bump support built in, as you can see below.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow Review // Staying comfortable in pregnancy is tough, this Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow could be the answer!

The Dreamgenii has made a big difference to my comfort overnight, because my hips and been kept better aligned which reduces the pain I was experiencing, my expanding bump has some support as does my lower back, and it doesn’t take up the whole bed!

There are a couple of drawbacks, namely that because of the design which enables your back and bump to be supported in one pillow, if you turn over a lot like I do, it’s easy to get a bit twisted up and need to keep rearranging. I think I may also prefer for the back support bit to be a touch larger, so that it could support my hips from behind as well as my lower back.

Getting comfortable for a snooze, with my Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow

That’s it though, otherwise it’s been brilliant in helping my night time woes and unlike my previous support options, this doesn’t make me overheated and feeling like a sweaty mess!

I would recommend the Dreamgenii to any pregnant ladies, because even without the SPD as I’ve had this time, it is hard to get comfy the bigger you get in your pregnancy and the right ergonomic support can help not only to get a better night’s sleep, but also in theory to make sure your body is well aligned and prepared for labour, so it could indeed contribute to a successful birth.

The Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow retails at £47.99 and you can find out more about it, and how to buy, on the Dreamgenii website.

Have you used a Dreamgenii before? What helped you to get comfortable during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

** I was sent the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow in exchange for this review. All words and opinions are my own. **