This week, Phil has been off work but Toby’s been a little up and down. He’s had a cold and cough but with constant clumsiness and bumps on his head, I was keeping an eye out for the emergence of an ear infection. Thankfully, he’s seemed to perk up in the last day or two, though.

Toby is such an independent little man, he wants to walk everywhere, carry bags and baskets, do everything himself and generally refuse any offers of help! We’ve been out and about a fair bit, with mixed results, but he is doing so well.

Last weekend, Phil’s parents came to visit and they took Toby out and about on Saturday tea time and most of Sunday. This gave Phil and I some chill time because we’ve been quite stressed with house move stuff, so we needed a bit of a break.

On Monday Toby went to nursery as usual and we headed to Ikea to buy a new mattress because our existing one is about 10 years old and is very uncomfortable, making my SPD pains even worse. Toby had a lovely day at nursery in spite of screaming when we dropped him off.

Is there anything better than spending a morning rocking out?! “Might as well jump!”

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Followed by some jumper throwing to mummy’s favourite, AC/DC!

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Tuesday was playgroup and music day and this was when Toby seemed poorly. He fell over so many times and really banged his head, to the point where little lumps formed on either side of his forehead and he looked like a little devil! He was then very clingy after a while and finally fell asleep in his pushchair as we walked around town. Thankfully, he perked up loads after his nap and has seemed to keep getting better and better since.

We popped to the shop for a couple of bits and Toby insisted on pulling the basket around, as well as filling it with champagne, crisps, a football magazine and a load of other stuff we didn’t need! He also enjoyed some time in the garden on his Toddlebike and slide, although he screamed blue murder when Phil took him on a proper bike ride and I had to drive to pick him up because he was having a full blown meltdown.

On Wednesday I had a pamper day using the vouchers that Toby and Baby Girl got me for Mother’s Day. I had a pregnancy massage in the morning, which focussed on the problem areas I’ve been suffering with and whilst I was there Phil and Toby went to soft play. We then had a little bite to eat together before I went for a hair cut and Toby napped his way around town again and Phil picked up a few bits and bobs in the shops.

Fast asleep on Daddy after an early start on Wednesday

Fast asleep on Daddy after an early start on Wednesday

We drove to my parents’ late afternoon to drop Toby off for his weekly sleep over there and he was very happy to run around antagonising the dog and generally creating chaos. He loves being with my parents and we get to have some time for work, sleep and relaxing – which we desperately need! We’re so lucky that Toby loves both sets of grandparents and we really appreciate that they love spending time with him too. As much as we worship Toby, Phil and I also think it’s important to have some time that’s just for us and with only a few weeks before Baby Girl arrives, that sense of wanting the chance to sit and watch a movie of an evening is further heightened.

Do your kids have regular sleepovers with grandparents or other loved ones? Do they have clumsy times where they seem permanently covered in bumps? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.