A week ago Phil, Toby and I went to visit a photographer who was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. The photographer – Jade – was in need of some promotional shots so kindly offered to do a shoot and give us 3 prints. Here’s how our 34 weeks pregnant maternity photo shoot went!

Buy Phentermine Through Paypal We started off in our casual clothes and had some family photographs. Toby was very interested in the lighting and other equipment but did also give bump and I some cuddles and kisses. Because he’s still so young, he’s too little to reach my bump for the token kissing the bump shots and with my dodgy hips and SPD I struggle to kneel down so we didn’t fuss about those too much.

Our favourite family shot // 34 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Photo Shoot

For the rest of the photo shoot, it was all about Mummy! This was all new to me; in our pregnancy photo shoot with Toby, it was Phil and I in our regular clothing and just kind of being ourselves with the odd props. This, however, was more stylised so Jade and I picked out a couple of flowing, long dresses for me to wear and she took a mixture of pictures including straight to camera shots, looking at bump and silhouette.

20160312-6Z3A1326 20160312-6Z3A1423

Phil has pointed out that in the three favourites I chose, I’m looking down in each of them! To be honest, I do tend to prefer photos of myself like that, especially the bump ones I’ve taken myself up to now. It just looks a bit more natural to me, I don’t have a whole load of confidence so feel that I look a bit false smiling to the camera and if a photographer catches me when I’m laughing I just look a bit weird!

What do you think to these final shots? I’m happy with them and it was a fun experience to try something that took me out of my comfort zone somewhat. After being told the other week that I looked awful, this was a much-needed boost for me.

Did you have a maternity photo shoot? Have you got a preferred position that you like yourself to be in for photos? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch in Facebook or Twitter.

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