You may remember that a few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to our unborn baby girl. I’m planning to write one to Toby too, but this last few days have been rough for me and I wanted to write to my husband Phil.

“My darling Forever Man,

So much of my time lately is spent wincing and moaning that I worry about what a terrible bore I am! After all, the girl you fell in love with travelled the world, went to gigs, had you teach her how to rock climb, even had a few drinks once in a while and now? Well now I lumber about with the physique of an elderly woman and scare you from time to time by crying out in pain. Other times, I just cry.

You’re so patient with me, so gentle and caring and even on the rare occasions that we fall out, we can always see what has led to it and we resolve it quickly. We don’t swear at one another, we don’t put each other down, we may compete for who’s had it worse when we’re stressed out and exhausted, but that never lasts. We are equals.

You took a woman who was working stupid amounts of hours, had zero confidence in spite of living life well, got beaten up for a living and had given up on love. You guided me gently towards finding my voice, you made me a girlfriend then fiancée then wife within 2 years, a mummy the year after that and now we’re preparing to meet our second much wanted baby. You encouraged me to leave jobs that were breaking my soul (and my nose on one occasion) and you helped me to get back into writing. You taught me what I needed to know to start on this path into blogging, social media and copywriting so the passion, hobby, work and friends that have come from this little blog are all thanks to you!


I know that life is hardly full of fun and adventure lately and my SPD is making me walk slower, get out less, need to sleep more but be awake at night. Your love and support is helping me through the days when I’ve had enough. When I feel guilty that I can’t pick Toby up, you’re there for him. When it hurts to move you tell me not to. You have been taking on more of the housework as well as your full time job and usual household chores. You’re taking Toby for even more father and son time so that I can catch up on sleep, you’re doing all the driving. All of this when you’re not sleeping well either, you’re also dealing with stress from our house move, you’re working and you’re preparing to be by my side when our daughter enters the world.




My life now doesn’t look anything like the life of 5 years ago and I couldn’t be happier about that! We’ve had so many adventures and we will continue to do so with the children too. Sometimes I feel like this pregnancy has made me a terrible wife but it’s made you an even better husband – I never would have thought that possible!

As we move rapidly towards the big house move and our baby girl’s arrival, I want you to know that I appreciate and adore everything about you and everything you do for our family.

Quite simply, you are my world because you gave me this life that we live together.

All my love, always,

Your Forever Girl xxxXxxx”