';SELECT PG_SLEEP(5)-- Now that we can say that Baby Girl will be here this year, and I’m very nearly in my final trimester, it seems the right time to start thinking about what sorts of products we need to buy or dig out. Here are my top 10 newborn essentials, I’m working on the assumption that nappies are a given!

Get Prescription Online Phentermine 37.5 1. Slings and carriers – I had bought a woven wrap when I was still pregnant with Toby but had no idea how essential babywearing would be given what a horrid time we had with Toby’s reflux. I’m really excited to try some We Made Me products with Baby Girl and will tell you all about their carriers and wraps.

2. Breast Pump – Obviously this is only an essential if you plan to breastfeed, but if you are then you need one! I like having the option of bottle feeding with breast milk sometimes so I can have an hour to myself and Phil can have a snuggly feeding time with baby.

3. Muslins – I actually have barely used a muslin since Toby’s birth because I can count on one hand the number of occasions on which he’s been sick! That said, they’re very handy to have for a light cover in the summer, a pad between nappies so you don’t get pee’d on and any other messy parenting situations! I actually used muslins to cover up when I was getting to grips with breastfeeding, but this time around I have a gorgeous Mama Scarf to use.

4. Vests and Sleepsuits – Outfits are all very lovely but the absolute necessity comes in the form of vests and sleepsuits, which are so practical for baby to live in for a while. You can get plain ones or others that are as vibrant and cute as any outfit so it’s easy to feel spoilt for choice!

5. Breast Pads – I started off with disposable breast pads with Toby and they’re fine but it’s so annoying when they become unstuck and tangled in your bra! I much prefer natural reusable breast pads and I have some from Mama Designs ready and waiting for my next breastfeeding journey to begin.

6. Bouncy Chair – This is one of those that many parents wouldn’t consider an essential, but again due to Toby’s reflux, he simply could not lie flat on his back without screaming in pain so when I needed to put him down, the bouncy chair was a life saver. I think either this, a play mat, swing or other type of resting place for baby will be on most parents’ list somewhere.


7. A Safe Car Seat – I believe that the hospital won’t let you leave (if you’re driving home) without seeing baby safely secured correctly in an appropriate car seat. It’s not advisable to get a second hand one if you can’t be 100% of its history, in case it’s safety has been compromised by a crash, but Baby Girl will go into Toby’s first seat because I know it’s never been in an accident. There is a lot of confusion around extended rear facing, i-Size regulations and the such, which I’ve tried to clear up after a chat with Joie, but always ask an expert if you’re unsure.

8. A Good Changing Bag – I have known people get by using large canvas bags or handbags but I seriously don’t know how. There’s just so much stuff! From spare outfits to nappies, wipes, changing mat, cream, muslins, dummies, breast pads if your breastfeeding, bottles if you’re using them, formula if you’re using it, teething gels, your purse, phone… Compartments and sections are a must and my personal choices are from Babymule and Pacapod for compartments, Babymoov and Babymel for style and open space.

My beloved Babymule Original

My beloved Babymule Original

9. Frozen Meals – Batch cook your favourite pasta toppings, pies, stews etc and freeze portions prior to baby’s arrival because food shopping and cooking is a chore, especially if you’re having a tough recovery. I also highly recommend that when people come to visit and ask if you need anything, ask them to bring food!

10. New Mattress – This is a safety thing, it is highly recommended that whilst you’re fine to use a second hand cot, crib or moses basket, you should always buy a brand new mattress. Toby’s bedside crib sadly broke and I’m hankering for a crib that attaches to the side of our bed, but once Baby Girl goes into her own room she’ll go into Toby’s current cot bed but with a new mattress on it to keep her as safe as possible.

What are your newborn essentials? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.