This Christmas will be my second in three years celebrated whilst pregnant, although with Toby our scan was the day after Boxing Day so few people actually knew, which made hiding the fact that I was pregnant at Christmas pretty difficult! This year I will be 23 weeks and feeling every day of it!

For this month’s Blog Bump Club linky it seems appropriate to link up posts about being pregnant at Christmas – from your top tips for festive bump fashion to non-alcoholic drinks and bump safe foods.

I’m not a huge drinker so the alcohol thing isn’t a big deal, although I will once again miss partaking in the odd mug of steaming Gluhwein at Christmas markets and Baileys on ice to finish a meal! I am, however, a cheese fiend so one of the few things I do miss is free reign of the inevitable cheeseboard. Many varieties of cheese are still considered safe and even some that aren’t safe as they come are okay when cooked, so it’s worth checking the NHS guidelines or asking your midwife about your favourite.

As for bump fashion, a lovely friend of mine has given me some beautiful maternity dresses and I’ve also been eying up a couple of options from Beebies Baby Store and Mummy and Little Me, as well as some festive jewellery from Mama Jewels, which is stunning on its own as well as being baby and toddler friendly! I’ll show you them all below. I’ve not treated myself to a Christmas jumper because I can’t justify it for just one year, whereas a dress will do me for any special occasions over the next few months and I generally buy breastfeeding friendly ones too so that I don’t need yet another new wardrobe after Baby Fish arrives.


We’re hosting Christmas in our summerhouse this year, with both mine and Phil’s parents plus my brother joining us, so Phil’s offered to do the cooking (although I know I’ll not be able to keep my nose out completely!) and I know that everyone will help out with preparing, serving, tidying up etc. My absolute top advice for coping with being pregnant at Christmas is to accept all the help that you can get. No matter what you’re eating, wearing or doing, if you can rest then Mama, blooming well do so!

What are your top tips? If you have a ‘being pregnant at Christmas’ type post then please do link up below, otherwise leave me your tips in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.