I’ve not been officially on holiday this week, so I’ve still been working but we did spend last Sunday to Tuesday staying with friends in Hastings and we’re now at Carfest South in Hampshire.

What has this meant for my health and fitness? Well we did eat chips and ice cream in Hastings because we were by the sea and even if the rain was pouring, it’s still the law! We have been walking loads too, so that has probably increased even from my usual amount which is good.

When we’ve been at home, I’ve also been doing home workouts which range from aerobics to yoga, zumba to pilates so it’s good to have that variety to get me working out different areas of my body. I definitely like having quite a relaxed approach to my fitness, fitting things in around Toby, family time and work but also (generally!) eating better. I’m buying about the closest thing to clean eating bread that I can find and am also having far less bread than I used to, all since my detox week.

As it’s Saturday, it’s day two of Carfest and I won’t say I’ve eaten amazingly healthy because it’s a festival so salads aren’t the most widely available meal options! I have done things like not have chips with a pie or burger, I’ve gone for options with veg or salad on the side and I’ve mostly only had water to drink. Add that to non-stop walking, dancing, bouncing (Toby in his sling) and pushing the pushchair up muddy hills and I’d say I’m doing alright!

I am, however, looking forward to some healthier options back at home, I definitely do feel more bloated when I’ve had extra bread or potatoes so that will improve next week.

How have your health and fitness goals fared over the summer? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.