Back in June I attended the brilliant BritMums Live conference and got chatting to Parragon Books. I was thrilled when, a few weeks later, they invited Toby and I to be Book Buddies. What that means is that each month Parragon will send us a book and we tell you all about it. Simple!

A couple of weeks ago I received a package containing an absolutely gorgeous books called Cute As A Button: A Collection of Nursery Rhymes. It’s got all the classics in it as well as some modern rhymes and the illustrations are beautiful. I adore books and Toby seems to be developing a keen interest too, so we’ve loved flicking through the pages where I encourage Toby to point when he wants me to stop and we read whatever rhyme we land on. I point out details in the pictures to show him the word associations and he definitely has a few firm favourites, including Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Incy Wincy Spider!

Because I also sign with Toby, nursery rhymes are great for practicing signs and encouraging Toby to join in. I encourage him to sign and say key words and he’s making a lot of effort to do so, which is great. Reading is such an integral part of developing communication skills and the rhyming patterns help the words to stick a bit better, making them more memorable.

This book looks and feels such great quality, it’s got a lovely cushioned cover and it just doesn’t feel at all flimsy. This would make a perfect gift for a new baby or as a birthday or Christmas present because although many nursery rhyme collections contain the same songs, the illustrations and the sheer volume of different rhymes in this one make it stand out.

I can see this book staying on Toby’s bookshelf for many years to come and I have this lovely image in my head of him one day sitting with a baby brother or sister and reading his favourites to them too. Good books become part of the family and that’s just what this is.

Retailing at £7.99, A Collection of Nursery Rhymes is exceptional value for money and certainly one of the best I’ve seen around.

What are your little ones favourite nursery rhymes or songs? Have they got books that they go back to time and again? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

** I was sent the book free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and opinions are my own**