When I did my detox the week before last, I wanted it to spur a lifestyle change. I am not looking to lose weight, I just want to feel healthier, have better skin, know that I’m treating my body well and looking after it. My body has carried and borne a child, it’s run a 10km for Alzheimer’s Society, it houses a brain which I want to keep training and improving well into old age and therefore I need to be kind to it.

I discovered on my detox just how non-restrictive my life needed to be, whilst also being far healthier than I had been. Bread had crept into my diet at least twice a day most days and in spite of liking water I was far from drinking enough of the stuff. By going through clean eating recipes, I realised how easy  the changes were and that although the detox itself was just a week-long trial, the impact of the changes I have made are definitely longer-lasting.

In the past week or so I have enjoyed homemade stir fries, homemade soup (courtesy of awesome hubby), eggs aplenty and stuffed marrow filled with lean mince and veg from the garden. I have made up a clean eating mocha-style drink, treated myself to the odd nibble of clean chocolate that I made and snacked on mixed nuts, fruit and seeds. Not once have I felt like I’m missing out! I am allowing myself the odd slice of bread, the odd bit of cow’s cheese, but I’m not craving them the way I used to so it’s not like a big treat, I simply only fancy them every so often.

Tasty, healthy salad for lunch

Tasty, healthy salad for lunch

I go for walks every day and am feeling the benefits of doing so even more than usual. I’ll admit to having been utterly useless at keeping up with my running since my 10km, but I am going to start again this week so I’ll update you all on that next week. Since the horrible tantrums from Toby which left me feeling exhausted, fragile and emotional, Phil and I are also making sure we allow ourselves time to just chill. I’ve managed to read a whole book recently and baths are becoming more frequent too. These little things make a huge difference and I’m also hankering after one of these adult colour books with the cool patterns in because I adore colouring!

I’m really pleased with the new mindset I’m in, I feel much healthier for it, I’m more productive with my work and am no longer tripping over my schedules, everything is (for now) flowing really nicely.

Have you ever needed to take a step back and figure out some healthy changes? What do you do for me-time? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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