The week before last I was invited to a launch party called #MyFirstBabyShower, which was celebrating a new range of products from national favourite Forever Friends and high-quality toy makers Golden Bear. The companies have come together to produce a fantastic range of products for a baby’s nursery. With mum babysitting Toby, I headed to London on the hottest day of the year and for the first time in my life, walked through the doors of The Ritz, where the event was being held.

Once I’d picked my jaw up off of the floor and composed myself, I found my way to the room in which the launch was being held and immediately started snapping at the amazing selection of food in the middle! I know, it’s a product launch but come on, just look at this spread! The cake is of the nappy variety, but I sampled pretty much everything else and it was amazing.

Zara from Mojo Blogs and I were the first to arrive and parched from the immense heat of the capital, we guzzled water and snapped up seats next to the air con! Laura from Mummy’s Zone then arrived with gorgeous Archie so I went to say hi and have a post-BritMums Live catch up before the event started.

The new products are absolutely gorgeous and although Toby is now heading far too quickly towards the toddler stage, the products available will definitely be featuring in baby #2’s nursery as and when we have another. From light projectors to soothing white noise teddies and cuddly comforters, the My First Forever Friends products are high-quality, super soft to the touch and really gorgeous. Forever Friends launched in 1987 – the year after I was born – so it’s a brand I’ve known my entire life and I love that those cute bears are still around now for the next generation to enjoy.

We heard from the UK representative of the My First Forever Friends nursery range about the products available then sleep guru Sarah Ockwell-Smith spoke to us about her collaboration with the brand and how she helped them to develop the products in order that they will soothe and encourage sleep. Sarah explained that most light projectors have blue and green light, which actually inhibits sleep, so the My First Forever Friends one is based on red lights which are more soothing. Sarah also told us that the perfect music tempo for babies is 60 beats per minute, which I had never know but it makes so much sense because that’s a healthy resting heartbeat and what were your babies listening to that whole time in your womb? Your heartbeat!

I was really impressed with the range and in my goody bag were a copy of Sarah’s book as well as two of the My First Forever Friends products, which I have put aside ready for whenever we do have another baby. I can honestly say that the whole range is absolutely gorgeous and the white noise/heartbeat teddy particularly impressed me because it was so snuggly whereas one we had for Toby was basically just the battery box with very little stuffing around it so wasn’t a comforting object for him to hold.

Keep your eyes peeled for the general release, they make great gifts for baby showers and with the famous cards already available, you could give the gift of Forever Friends in teddy and paper form to the newborn baby in your life.

What do you think of the products from my pictures? What were your baby’s best-loved comforters as a newborn? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook orTwitter.

*My travel costs to the event were covered but all words and opinions are my own*